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hi i was just wondering if any of you are still using dummies for your little ones?
and if not then how did you manage to wean them off. my lo is nearly 14months and still using one but ive read that its best to be rid of them by 12 months?
thanks in advance. also posted in baby.


  • Charlotte will be 2 in January and she still has a dummy just for nap & bedtime. I tried one night without giving it to her and she screamed for ages so I gave in. Some mums on here have tried going cold turkey and their lo's have been ok and given it up. Depends on how your lo is really. Think I'll try again in a few months.......
  • Paul is 2 on Monday we still use a dummy, some of my friends have used Easter Bunny or Father Christmas when the kids have been 2 and half and they have to leave the dummies out and they get taken away and replaced with easter eggs or toys, they've then mostly said after a couple of days they just forgot about it

    I'm planning on doing that maybe this Easter
  • My lo is 14 months and still has one for sleeps and comfort, and i don't see anything wrong with it. On the Mam website it says that they recommend getting rid of them by the time they're 3 - at 1 i think they're too young to understand and if they use them for comfort then what's the harm? x
  • I agree, if they are comforted by it then let them have it. Some lo's have blankies, some have teddies, others depend on dummies.

    What I don't like is seeing 3 or 4 year olds in pushchairs wide awake with a dummy plugged in for no reason other than to keep them quiet! (sorry)!
  • Totally agree with CCBmommy! Poppy is just over 2 and we're gong to try and give them to Father Christmas this year but if she is crying for it for ages then I will give it her back and try again when she's a little older.
    I see no harm in them having them for sleeps or when they're poorly!
  • Kara is just over 2 as well and still has hers although it is mostly used for sleeping or in the car. She is very rarely out with it. I seem to have just got her into a habit of leaving it behind her in the car if we are out walking anywhere. I think I will try after Xmas sometime.
  • JJ is 15 months in 2 weeks and still has his for naps and bed...he only uses it to go to sleep with and then spits it once he's asleep so he hardly has it at all but i see no harm in it x
  • Both my girls still have their dummies, but only at nap time and bedtime. Never have them in when we're out in public! Sometimes they will have them on a long car journey.

    I tried taking Lily's dummy away when she was around 2 but she was so so upset that I ended up giving it back to her. If it's something that comforts her then I don't want to take it away too soon. I also think it might seem unfair to take Lily's dummy if Evie still has hers.

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