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Resturant charging for toddler who had no food!!!

Just had to get this off my chest, We use to often go to Izumi in Maldon for lunch, set menu buffet style. we were never asked to pay for our daughter, (shes just 2. looks younger):\?:\? she never had any chinese (I personally think its got too much additives for her) she's a fussy eater and Ive always taken her own biscuits/rainsin/ssnacks etc to keep her happy. This has never been a problem we've always been very welcomed in the restuarant.and have enjoyed our lunch (during week days) we stoped there last sunday and were expected to payfor her even though she had nothing to eat, the manager said this is the restaurant policy and that the previous times we had been there we should have been charged!!!After making a fuss he didnt charge us for her but said infuture we would be, obviously we wont be going back. Has anyone else had this problem??I know certain resturants are given awards for child friendly perhaps there could be a list started for child un friendly!!!


  • How awful! I wouldn't go back there either. Most of the places we go to with our two year old, we just ask for a little plate and give him some of ours and they are always happy to oblige free of charge! If anything like this ever happens to me, I would tell absolutely everyone I knew, so they lost more customers!! amy x
  • thats terrible. I wouldnt go back there if i were you. Most of the places we go to are happy to give us an extra plate for our daughter (who is almost 3) and dont charge us, even when we went to pizza hut for their buffet menu and she ate loads probably more that us we didnt get charged.
  • thats terrible, i would write to the local paper if i were you. how can they charge for a baby who's not even eaten anything - its shocking & probably illegal!. money grabbing bastards. x
  • Thats absolutely terrible I've never heard of anywhere doing that. I wouldnt blame you for not going back. I would write to your local paper coz attentions hould be drawn to restaurants who are 'unfriendly' towards children.

    Thankfully most places we have been to have be fine & most seem to be exceptionally good towards children providing them with books or colour in sheets & crayons while they wait.

    I have heard of some who wont heat baby food but I think that is down to health& safety rules.

    I agree that their should be a 'list of shame' for cafes & restaurants that are unfriendly towards children so as parents know where to avoid. I hope these snotty restaurant managers never have to take their children out for a meal!!

    Hilary x
  • not the same at all but theres a new victoria coffee shop opened near us, its my local town where we go for bounce and rhyme etc , and there is no other cafe. we went the other day and they dont permit buggies/prams. i asked if they were busy as i thought it could be for that reason, but they said its h&s, because they expect it to attract a lot of older people it could be dangerous if they tripped over buggy!!! what! the same could be said for everywhere. in fact if thats the case we should never leave our houses, just in case. so theres no where i can go for a brew! i agree there should be a list of unfriendly places!!! we've just been to pizza hut and had buffet lo had loads of cucumber and the girl even brought her a few sweeties from the ice cream factory!! of course lo is to young for sweeties so me and my friend had them!
  • Susie,

    I wonder what their policy is on wheelchairs or zimmer frames?

    Surely if buggies were hazardous they would be too!!

    Hilary x
  • Apparently if your child sit in there high chairs Pizza hut dont charge how good is that.
  • im sorry i thought that there is a law about all shops, cafes, etc to have wheel chair acess and im sure the same go's for prams and pushchairs. as so no one can charge you for food/ service that was not use. if i was you i would get you local newspaper involed and name and shame that resurant. ( sorry but i wouldnt pay for a phone bill that wasnt mine so i would feel the same about someone charging me for food that wasnt eatten by me or my child) good luck x.
  • Hi
    Thanks for all your replies I will be writting to my local paper, (when I get the time!!)
  • Good for you willowsmum!
  • Good for you. People should know how ridiculous it is to charge a child for 'no food' I really hope this restaurant loses trade & realises how stpid they have been

    Hilary x
  • Hi, there's a cafe near me that has a sign saying no pushchairs - I haven't questioned the owners why this is but I assume it is due the the building being very narrow (old & quaint) and the cafe simply doesn't have the room to accomodate bulky items...although there are plenty of other places to choose from where I am.
  • I know this isnt quite the same but I took my children to gullivers kingdom in Warrington the other day and had to pay full price for my youngest who is 2. I struggled for about 10 mins to get him to sit in his buggy then got to kiosk the snobbish lady asked how old he was, I told her 2 she asked me to take him out of his buggy (i was not amused and asked her if she was going to put him back in!!!) so she could measure him. Under 90cm go free and he was 92cm and made me pay for him full price!!!!!

    Extorsion I think.....
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