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Eating vegetables

Can anyone suggest any ways to get my little one to eat veg. Who knew he would become a fussy eater at 17 Months!
He loves anything with sauces like pasta bake, stew, spaghetti bolgnaise. But just wont eat veg. I've tried mixing all his dinner together so when he has a mouthful a bit of everything goes in, but he feels it in his mouth and just spits it out.
Tried it with gravy, without gravy but he just eats around it.
Luckily he loves fruit so a least thats a good thing and always make sure he gets enough in a day.
I've even resorted to buying the Heinz Hidden Veg spaghetti hoops...
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



  • my little one is 18months and sounds the same. she is really into anything on i mash veggies, sometimes with houmous,sauce etc and spread it on bread (or put it in pita bread) and give it to her as a sandwich filling. i figure that she is getting her 5 a day without really knowing it and enjoying the taste of veggies too. but i do also keep offering her veggies on the side of her other meals (or as snacks) so maybe one day she'll give them a go.toddlers are so fussy!
    good luck
  • You could try making your own hidden veg sauce. Just cook the veg up and puree it then mix it into bolognaise (sp?) or pasta sauce etc. Thankfully my son is still only 11 months old and hasn't started to refuse veg, I'm dreading the day he does. I do this sometimes for him to get used to the taste just in case I need to use the trick to make him eat veg in the future.
    Hope this helps

  • i'm sure you have done this but my lo was refusing veg so i mashed potatoe and butternut squash which he gobbled up, also likes carrots and other sweeter veg. he's not just into refusing veg, just pretty much any home made food i stick in front of him! groan!
  • My lo is almost 18 mnths and I have similar problem, he doen't like to eat meat. what I do is, I chopped the meat into tiny piecies and mixed it with his fav food and mostly succesful image. Hope this help
  • WIth regards to not eating meat - ashton is the same. Buy frozen bags of mince. Takes minutes to cook! Ashton loves it.
  • i am having a problem with my 14 month old at the moment, he is refusing most food now.its a nightmare,i am going to ring the health visiotr tommorrow to see what i can do to get him to eat.i gave him a couple of oat bars with fruit in earlier and he ate them.
    He refuses most veg so i bought the hidden veg and he ate them.
    But am at the end of my tether because dont want him to lose weight.
    any ideas greatly appareciated?
    thanks x
  • Here are a few things my little one does actually eat and enjoys!
    Scrambled egg (sometimes with grated cheese), baked beans, rice, sausages, spaghetti bologniase, fish fingers, peas, potatoes, ravioli, toast, cheese sandwiches. For snacks I give him apple, banana, grapes he loves all 3 of them and also the Organix rice cakes and raisins and Kelloggs Nutri Grain bars.
    Hope there are some new ideas for you.
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