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Riley is almost 13 months, not sure if he's classed as a 'baby' anymore so I've posted in here!
He's still in his rear facing car seat and is not too heavy for it yet (he's 20lb and the limit on the maxi-cosi cabriofix is 28lb), but it's a squeeze for his legs to fit in and he has to sit with them bent. Don't think it's particularly uncomfy for him although think it annoys him sometimes as he starts getting mad and kicking the seat! Do you think it's time I should buy the next stage now? I've been looking at the Britax eclipse as it should be ideal for my small 3-door car and its on offer at ??72 in halfords at the mo!
When did you all buy the next stage car seat? x


  • Hi,we got ours when Pepi was nearly 21 months old as our old one went up to 13 kg and at the grand old age of 27 months she is still nowhere near that weight lol.But you will find that is an extreme and majority of people changed much much sooner.As u say Pepis legs were getting squashed plus she was becoming incrasingly unhappy facing backwards so we went and fitted Recaro Young Sport as according to the shop assistent she was allready getting too tall for everything else(and they meant to go up to 4 years of age,how is that poss is beyond me!!!) the one we got is adjustable till 12 years and we are very happy with it,it was def a good buy and everyone comments how good looking it is.So when u go to buy just make sure to try your lo in it,as not in a million years would I expect my tiny daughter not to fit to next stage Maxi Cosi and anything else that was on display.Rear facing car seats are safer though and in some countries compulsory till 4 years old.Changing Pepi that late also had one added benefit-because she prob remembers facing backwards,she really enjoys beeing forward and is a dream in a car-singigng happily and comenting on the world going by outside her window-she really really enjoys each ride.Hopefully it will stay like that lol.Good luck hun
  • We waited until our lo was the right weight, then again she is also petite. I cant remember exactly but i think it was around 18-20mths.
    We went from a maxi-cosi to a stage 1 rear facing britax multi tech. She is high up and has lots more leg room than the rear facing baby car seats. The other advantage to this seat is we can change it to forward facing if we want to put it in someone elses car. So if you want him to be rear facing at his age but want something he can grow into and also be forward facing then this one is definately worth looking into.

    We have had no problems with our lo being rear facing, shes perfectly happy has she can look out the side windows and back windows as opposed to the front window.
  • Think I will probably get one. I have been looking at the britax 1-2-3 now and leaning more to that as it's only about ??20 dearer on
    Thanks. x
  • I have the Britax Evolva 123 and I think its fab I think we got it when lo was around 11 or 12 months. its such good value for money and we did lots of long drives last year and lo always looked v comfy x
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