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The Perfect Xmas Gift for 2 year old??!!


I'm looking for a great present for my daughter who'll be 2 this Christmas. Trouble is I can't seem to find anything that will grow with her (education and fun wise). She's advanced for her age so I don't want anything that will only last a short while.

Is anyone having the same difficulty as me or have any ideas on the perfect present for her??



  • My little girl was 2 in october & we have got her a wee bike for xmas. Its a wee 10" one with stabilizers & there is a removable parent handle on the back. There is also a little basket on the front where she can put a toy in.

    Hilary x
  • Yep - my 2 year old is getting a bike too - she actually thinks santa brings a bike & associates the 2 together now so when anyone asks what he is bringing she says bike, its so cute, least this one will last her few years !
  • Ahh, that's so sweet. I havn't told Evie about Santa yet, but we are going on a Christmas trip to Xmas Wonderland in Telford next month where she will actually meet him in person!! I hope she won't get scared. He'll be giving her a present so hopefully she'll have good memories of Santa.

    hehe it's even exciting for me! Can't wait to see her face! image
  • Amys the same. Anytime someone mentions santa she says "Santas bringing a bike" It is soo cute isnt it!!!

    We havent taken her to see Santa this year yet but we told her that we'd take her as soon as her baby sister arrives (was due on monday) so now she keeps talking to my tummy & asking her to hurry up!!! I dont know if she'll be as keen when she gets there to see him though!!

    Hilary x
  • how lovely - a trip to see santa,

    not sure how my daughter would react as she is frightened of most models of him bless, she loves him but is frightened of him, she doesnt like anything that moves at the moment aint they funny at this age.

    She has the singing dancing "iggle piggle" which cost me an arm & a legg & she seems a bit frightened of that at the moment, let alone the displays in the shopping centre - he he x
  • Oh coxley Amy loves In the Night Garden & would love a dancing Iggle Piggle but I know what you mean about them costing an arm & a leg!!

    I dont know what Amy will think of Santa either. She saw him walking round Debenhams last year ringing a bell (I think the bell just terrified her even more) & screamed the place down!!!

    Hilary x
  • My two year old loves cameras and I know they are pricey and for over threes but I have got him a kids tough digital camera. He is getting nothing else ... bless him but I doubt he'll notice. He keeps tapping the tv on 'Milkshake' when it is advertised saying 'santa mummy' who would have thought advertising can be influencial on two year olds!!!
    He already has a squeeze the tummy iggle piggle and the lift the flap iggle piggle looses his blanket book which he adores.
    As for Santa think he'll be scared.
  • hi have you thought about a leap pad learning system? we got one for our son 2 years ago when he was 2 and he loves it even now. you can buy so many nice games and activities to go with it and it is also educational in a fun way. for our 2 year old girl, this christmas we have got her some night garden stuff (she absolutely loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and lots of other girly bits and bobs, it is hard to know what to buy especially if you want to get something that will last them for a while, thats why a leap frog leap pad is a good idea. hope this helps,xxxx
  • Im the same dont know what to get felicity, shes 2 in jan, ive got her littles bits but still have yet to get her a main present. i was thinking of a bike but were in a flat so not sure it will get much use! I want to spoil her this yr as last yr we didnt get her anything cos she only 1 and knew everyone else was spoiling her. Ive yet to introduce her to santa she has no idea x x
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