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how do u children behave

i have 3 children the oldest is 3, the next is 2 and i last is 8 months. They can be quite a handful some times as i am only 17 but most of the time they are litle angles and now i have found out i am 8 weeks pregnant wit identical twinz. will these 2 be the same.

how do ur children behaviour what are their ages. we can see if i just am lucky with them or will they turn into little devils as they get older.

Please reply Becky :\)


  • My little girl is 5 in two weeks and can be a little madam sometimes, but i think thats down to the fact that she goes to school and they learn quite a lot from other children, but on the whole she is very good, on the other hand my son who is 19 months is a little devil always doing something that he shouldn't and climbing everywhere, but on his own he too can be an angel. i think it depends alot of the sex of them as my little boy always needs more attention it must be a man thing!!!
  • yes proberly but i have boy they only thing thy do some times is climb on the furiture and play fight
  • sounds like they are really good, i wouldnt knock it, when are the twins due?
  • they are due 12th novemebr their oldest bro's b'day. he is 3 and i got pregnat with him when i was 13 by accident when me and the bf(now hubby)were drunk at party, had him when 14 he was 17. We then planned out 2nd who i had on 10th april 2005 which was my hubby's b'day. then we also planned the youngest at the mo josh how was born on 17 september 2007 my b'day. but i was on the pill so did not expect to have another 1 let alone another 2.

  • sounds like you are going to have your hands full, but im sure it will be good fun and you sound like you enjoy it.
  • yep i do and i would not change a thing.
  • good luck when the twins arrive i????m sure you????ve got loads of experience having 3 already! my daughters two and she????s at the tantrum stage at the moment lol! but i????m sure its just a phase she????s going through! we are ttc a brother or sister for her fingers crossed!
    amanda xx
  • Hi Becky congratulations! I've got 5 children. I had 3 boys first and they were a handful too ! They are starting to get easier now they are 6, 8 and 10. Then I had my 2 daughters. They are 3 1/2 and 11 weeks. My daughter has been so much easier! Good luck ttc Amanda x
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