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Full fat food

As a (fairly) health conscious mum, it feels a bit weird giving kady the full fat versions of everything. I try to buy the lower/reduced fat versions of most things for us but know that sweetners etc are bad for lo's but even though, isn't giving them things like full fat cheese etc full of cholesterol and what not??
I was buying him some creme freche the other day for a recipe and ended up buying the half fat one but wasn't sure if I was supposed to get him the full fat one even though it was stooopid in the sat fat department!

Hope this isn't a thick question. Lol xx


  • Most things I buy (creme fraiche, homous, mayo, mince, laughing cow cheese....etc) are the lower fat kind. I used to use the full fat ones cos Gabe has slow weight gain but I've given up trying to fatten him up now lol as it doesnt work and he is slim like his dad. We always have full fat milk though as we all prefer the taste of it. Oh yes & we have butter instead of spread on toast (spread most of the time though) as again, it tastes nicer.

    I think it depends on the lo and how much dairy / fatty foods they get anyway, to whether they always need full fat versions of food. I reckon Gabe gets enough fat from his diet. He has quite a lot of mince-based meals like cottage pie, spag bol & there's lots of fat in beef, even the lean beef mince. He also has lots of yogurts and there's fat in all dairy.

    If Kade is eating meat, or things like peanut butter on toast, yogurts, milk , cheese etc then I'd say that half fat creme fraiche is fine .

  • You are supposed to give full fat products up to 2 at LEAST if not up to 5! THis is because toddlers are growing so much they need the extra energy and other goodies from the extra fat which us adults don't use and therefore just put on our arteries or tummies :lol: toddlers use it all up and don't put it on - hence it won't help to make them bigger/fatter but it gives them everything they need to grow and develop. Hope that makes sense. The odd lower fat thing won't matter but it really is best to keep them on the full fat stuff!
  • Thanks girls, that's very helpful. I just wasn't sure it was right but am happy to keep getting him the FF things if it's ok. They must taste tons better anyway!

  • Was going to reply in a similar vein to CC!!

    Charlotte always has full fat food - doesn't seem to go on her hips though lol! xx
  • Just to add to Craftycharli human beings also need a certain amount of fat to help with growth especially the development of a good nervous system. If your child is not overweight or not seeming unhealthy stick with the full fat because it's actually doing them some good.
  • hiya, i was going to say that i thought that they has to be on full fat stuff until at least 2. i buy nearly all full fat any way as none of us are over weight and it tastes much nicer. xx
  • I was told by HV to stick to full fat foods until at least 2. Some people she said would need until 5 it depends on how big the child is. My lo is on 91st centile for weight and same for height, so HV said it wouldn't hurt to stop at 2. Not sure what I'll do though.....

    lo 21m and 35+6
  • we just give sam full fat stuff - i read somewhere i was supposed to so its always stuck :lol: must say its not helping me become a yummy mummy! wish i could afford to buy 2 of each, apart from milk, but sadly no xxx
  • Thanks for all your replies. It's useful to know you are meant to keep on for so long!
    I know what you mean about not being great for us mum's though lol
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