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How do you cope with morning sickness with a toddler!

I'm 5ish weeks pregnant & the last couple of days the morning sickness has kicked in. Luckily I have my hubby here but he's back at work tomorrow.

So I'm looking for hints & tips on how to cope??


  • Great thread, I'm hoping for some good answers as well - can't handle cooking food for him or changing nappies but as hubby is away 6 days a week its hard! Sickness kicked in big time yesterday :\(

    Have you tried the anti-sickness bands? I think I might get some to try.
  • hey girls ,it is tough ,i had all day sickness all the way through when pregnant with dd and ds was 2 years old ....i dont know what the answer is tbh i used to get oh to cook stuff on weekends that i could just defrost for ds when he was at work ,some days i was better than others so would be ok to cook .....tbh ds was and still is a crap eater so i never had to cook stuff that would make me gag :lol: i think if u have someone who can help you and yes anti sickness bands helped me image hth a little xxx

    edited cos i put ds's age down wrong :lol:

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  • I'm afraid I cant give you a good solution, my first lo was 9 months old when I had morning sickness with my second lo. It was really awful, I had to sit him in the bath while I was being sick in the loo, looking up at him inbetween saying 'don't worry mummy is fine!'. Not good! I found it horrendous changing his nappies and making him food, but you just muddle through somehow. My hubby had to go to work so I had to cope. I got really bad at about 14 weeks and my midwife inisisted my hubby stay home for a day so I could rest or she was going to send me to hospital as I had lost weight and clearly looked cream crackered lol!

    I was fine from about 16 weeks though, apart from being tired of course, but now I have two gorgeous little boys I can say it is all worth it.

    I tried the anti sickness bands but they didn't work for me, also tried mints, ginger etc etc but nothing made me feel better. I was nowhere near as bad when I was pregnant with ds1.

    Hope you get over it soon, and move on to the glowing stage!!! x
  • i was really sick all day with my first and im about 10ish weeks pregnant now and have been really sick again. my m/w reccomended i see a lady who does reflexology and homeopathy and since i've seen her and started taking the medication she gave me i have been loads better. i was being sick 4 times a day before, now its more like once or twice a week. i was a bit dubious at first but like you, running after a toddler and being sick is just awful so i was willing to give anything a try!
  • It is hard work, but hopefully it won;t last long. Mine kicked in at about 6 weeks pregnant, when ds was 15 months, and lasted til 14 weeks. I have to say how I coped first thing was CBeebies, I'd put the tv on in the bedroom, eat a couple of arrowroot biscuits and wait for the worst of the sick feeling to pass - usually about half an hour. Hubby had to change his nappy before he went to work too as I couldn't cope with it first thing, I felt awful when ds started handing me tissue to wipe my mouth when I'd been sick - but when he was that age and I was on my own, I had no real choice but to let him in the bathroom with me. I was lucky second time around in that I didn't feel too sick during the day, so we'd still try to get out, armed with a bottle of water to sip, and dry bsicuits to make sure I didn't get hungry. Then I'd try to nap in the afternoons when he did, and we'd have cuddles and stories in my bed when he woke up if I was still feeling rough. I did feel so guilty at the time that I wasn't playing with him properly - but now the baby is 11 weeks old and that all seems so long ago and it didn't last long, and ds can't remember it.

    Hope yours doesn't last too long.
  • I'm jealous of your hubbys changing nappies and cooking - mine only comes home 1 day through the week if I'm lucky and then for the weekend nights, and on the days he is home he's out of the house before ds gets up, and back just in time for bath and bed. :\( Sunday is the only day he can do anythign for me, but he plays rugby on saturdays and is always so tired and bruised on a sunday he normally just falls asleep on the sofa and leaves me to it!

    Feeling sorry for myself, can you tell?!
    No idea on the energy boosting piggywig, but if anyone has any tips I will gladly steal them!
  • tv babysitter and 5 minute naps :lol: to be fair my ds still went to nursery 2 days a week while i was pg and although i used to use that time to catch up with friends it was still a rest this an option? even 2 half days?xx
  • hi ladies. I have done it 3 times and it is such hard worrk. Theres not alot you can do. Travel sickness bands work for some but not others. If its severe then the Dr may be able to perscribe you something. Mine gave me cyclazine (sp?) but they can make u sleepy too. Hope it passes for you soon hun xxxx
  • ???none of you ladies are giving me an answer!! help!! i feel so guilty, im leaving my little one in the playpen nearly all morning and afternoon coz my sickness and tirednes isnt going away. im 20 weeks. my partner is never around!

  • Ladies how about trying some fresh ginger and lemon tea I found a good recipe online just today I'll add the link apparently very good for nausea and sickness image

  • All I can say is that the sickness doesn't last forever and you muddle through it. I was hospitalised with both of mine with Hyperemesis, it was a real struggle second time around with an 18 month old and bouts of hospitalisation. I felt terrible that I had to rely on my family to look after both me and my son. Lots of help, as much rest as you can possibly get (easier said than done with a toddler I know!) and medication was what helped me through it.

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