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Confidence to let go of our hands-late crawler/walker

Luke is 1 next week n isn't crawling or walking yet. He loves walking holding both our hands n has excellent balance/is very steady on his feet. He laughs n practically runs with our hands n would walk like this all day long he loves it!! but hasn't got the confidence to let go of our hands or use one hand. He also won't use his push along walker or walk along the sofa when we put a toy to the other side. He isn't quite brave enough to pull himself up on the furniture yet either. Is there any way I can help him be a bit braver (of course we giv him lots of encouragement) I am just a bit worried he us behind other children (although he is very vocal n understand a lot so not worried in that sense just physically). Were any of ur little ones like this???? How long before they walked??


  • Mrscox, I posted about this a week or so ago. Slightly different, because Peter will walk with a walker/cruise but isn't really interested otherwise. But believed me, a year is not late for walking! Peter is nearly 15 months and I don't think he will be walking any time soon. The average age for walking is, apparently 16 months, which means plenty of babies older than that don't walk. There were lots of very encouraging and supportive replies to my post, showing just that. So I wouldn't worry. Luke will walk eventually. (Although on the worry front, I'm a fine one to talk!)
  • I also agree with THG, 1-yr is not a late walker and it sounds as though Luke is doing well.

    I find it so fascinating how different babies develop.

    My sisters 1st born walked at 9-months. Her 2nd born walked at 14-months. My friends little girl - 1 yr old - (from our NCT group) is very nearly walking on her own (she takes steps alone in between 2 people!) but yet she can't roll over (either way) and can't get up from laying down to sitting! Yet another friends baby rolls everywhere (and did so really early) but is nowhere near walking yet.

    In my experience, Toby has just built up his strength and confidence himself - because at the end of the day, if they don't have the strength in their body and legs, they can't and won't walk! - and all we do to encourage him is give him massive claps, hurrahs and cuddles when he does something to make us so very proud of him. He recognises our behaviour now and knows what he's doing it "good job Tobes"!!! He also seems to do something once or twice (like crawling) then not do it for ages again until he's far more confident!

    Hope this helps a bit! xxx
  • pippa sat unaided at 4months and was walking holding our hands at 6 months and everyone said she'll be walking before one. She started crawling at 9 months and cruising at about 10 months. She took her 1st step just after her 1st birthday and has been walking pushing her walker ever since, and just this last couple of weeks she's started walking on her own (nearly 14 months). She could have walked on her own ages ago, could stand, stoop,etc for a couple of months but just wouldn't take those steps but one day she just decided to go for it.
    I wouldn't worry to much easier said then done i know but he will do it when he's good and ready
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