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Proud Breakfast Time!

Just wanted to share that Matthew (16m) ate all of his breakfast today by himself (eg got stuff on spoon and got it into his mouth by himself!!) He didn't spill much either (but he loves food so prob doesn't want to waste it!!) It was mushed up weetabix so it was pretty sticky, but i'm proud all the same. Sorry to go on, but i don't share proud moments much, usually just rants and rambles LOL :lol:


  • its nice to share the good stuff as well as the bad. and he doing well for 16months. i remember the first time i gave chloe a yogurt to eat herself. you could have scooped it off her with the she is 20months now and will use her fork or spoon until she gets bored and then either i have to feed her or she just wont eat
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