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When did your LO get into drawing/colouring?

Isaac is 18 months and will have a little scribble if with sit him down with some crayons but it lasts all of a few seconds before he's off! He's very physical and always on the go. I look forward to the days when I can sit him down with some pens and he will spend a bit of time drawing (5 mins would be good :lol:!! Although as he is soo physical knowing my luck he will still be running from one activity to another! I also really enjoy creative activities but he is still not really that interested, he'd rather be on his trike. Just wondering for those with older LOs when your LO got properly into drawing and arty activities, if at all?


  • My DS wasn't interested at all til he started school!! We'd manage 2 mins if we were lucky. He's 5 now and will happily spend half an hour doing arty craft things. DD on the other hand is 2 and a bit and loves colouring and drawing. They're usually to be found at the dining room table making a mess with felt tips while I run round like a loon trying to cook and serve before they run out of paper to scribble on! Least that way I only have to clean the table once lolol!!
  • Does he go to nursery at all? Shea has been going to a day nursery since 6months and I think its been great for his creativity as they have always done a lot of messy play and colouring from a young age. they even used to do body painting (put paint on hands and feet and then make foot & hand prints on paper) before he could walk.

    My lo is nearly 3 and loves drawing, colouring and painting but at home i'd say his attention span is only about 20 mins max, he'll then go off do something else and then come back to it later

    but colouring books etc still hold no interest what so ever, it has to be real messy adventerous stuff or a big sheet of paper when he can just l;et rip on to keep him interested.

    When lo was about 18months i invested in an art box and got a big old duvet, the art box contains glue, glitter glues paints, chalks, bit fat felt tips etc and I keep a stock of large A3 coloured paper. I then strip him off or put old clothes on lay the sheet on kitchen floor or outside and let him paint / glue / stick whatever.

    I'd suggest collecting some old plastic cups, cereal boxes, dried pasta, ribbons and lace, pictures cut from catalogues etc. this is the sort of stuff that gets them excited and involved!!

    have fun, and remember to have soap and water handy after!!!
  • I've been offering stanley crayons ect since about 16 months, but its only in the last month or so he's been really interested (he'll be 2 next month) and now he says 'me draw' about 20 times a day! lol. We've got him some paints and that for his birthday, so then the fun will really begin!x
  • At about 2 years old, lo started to simply love glue, paint, felt pens etc. he isn't that keen on crayons or colouring in still, but anything messy is a huge hit. We tend to do it outside, but anywhere with a wipe clean floor would work. It is a real highlight of his play now.

    I would imagine that your lo will do the same in a few months time, so I hope you enjoy it then. I do - the messier the better (but I always have wipes to hand for afterwards!
  • My dd adores colouring, gluing etc... when we go to play groups she always runs to the "arty" table first. She is 22 months now but she has been keen since about 18 months ish xx
  • My lo loves scribbling and she's 16 months. We realised when we were in hospital with her and she loved scribbling on this etch a sketch type thing, so we bought her one and she goes mad for it. I then bought her some felt pens designed for 1 year olds and a colouring book and she scribbles away (sometimes on the book, more often than not on her ! LOL) and would do it all afternoon if I let her ! She throws a right tantrum when I put them away !
  • Lily has loved drawing for about a month (she is nearly 20 months). I can sit her at her little table or better in the highchair and she's occupied for up to half an hour. She's always asking to draw by saying "dawning pen, Mummy" :lol:

    Have you seen the bath crayons they sell in ELC? LO draws on the bath and it just wipes away with a cloth. Might get him interested whilst he's confined!
  • We tried some messy play again the other day, spent ages setting up lots of fun things and he spent all of five minutes sticking his fingers and sponges in paint and then ran off play with his thomas ride on smearing it in paint in the process! I tried to coax him back to no avail. Then later on I was writing a shopping list and he kept trying to grab the pen off me and write on my paper! :roll: Hmmm, seems pen and paper will do next time! ;\)

    I'm sure he will grow into it!
  • Bethany has been into colouring for about a month now. Before then she just used to play with the crayons or scribble for a min or so then walk off. She loves it now tho and sits for ages. Shes 18months.
  • logan is 14m and doesnt tend to sit still for much either. but, we managed almost 10min the other day with a magic drawing board. he found it fascinating that he could scribble loads but then it disappeared when he lifted the page. i like it coz it saves getting in a huge mess for 2min of play!!
  • JJ will sit for hours colouring, he's almost 23 months but has been interested for months, if we're travelling for a white we know to pack paper and crayons cuz that'll keep him quiet for ages! x
  • ds is 16months and loves to sit down with some crayons and paper...he does also like to nibble on them too, but i'm hoping he'll get over that soon lol xx
  • As soon as she could walk we got her a little table and gave her big crayons that fit over her fingers so she could start scribbling. She's now 5 and excelling in the creative topics at school

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