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3 kids, what car have you got?

Hi girls,
we are looking to buy a new car soon as oh's has given up the ghost and we are currently sharing my Astra. Needless to say its doing my head in not having a car! He needs it to get to work so Im stuck in most of the time. Anyway we went car hunting the other day and we have now decided we are going to get either a Honda Accord, Ford Mondeo, or Mazda 6. The car is going to be relatively new, a year or two as it will have to last!
So basically I just wanted your opinions. Does anyone have any of these 3 cars and have 3 children in the back? How do the car seats fit? And what car seats have you got? All 3 of our girls are still in car seats so we need to know they will fit with plenty of room.
Any other suggestions of suitable cars would be great too,
Sarah x x x

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  • hiya. i havent got any of those cars but we have just upgraded to a vauxhall vectra, they are GREAT! we have 2 girls (16mnth and 4 mnths)and are ttc nu 3 so will have 3 in car seat too and they would easily fit in and they are quite big. the boot is MASSIVE! its such a nice car too i love it image we had a corsa and a zafira and my oh had a astra before that too, we love vauxhall!lol.
  • Hi,
    We got a Citroen C4 Picasso a month b4 our third was due, the 7 seater one with 2 fold away seats in the boot (or a massive boot like we keep it!) It does the job perfectly! Has 3 proper sized seats in the back so all types of car seat: baby, backed-booster and seat booster all fit in. And the seats move back and forwards independently so you can have more room to get them in if needs be.
    Hubby swapped his Berlingo (which was big enough for 3 but had only a lap belt in the middle) for a BMW saloon and it's horrid getting all 3 in the back. I either have to squish my backside between the youngest 2's seats, or my 6 year old has to go illegal with no booster seat, arghhhh men, why do they need fast cars?!?!
    We also had a BMW estate and couldn't get 3 seats in the back either (avoid BMW 3 series lol). My dad has a Mondeo estate and 3 fit in the back better than our BMW but not as good as our Citroen.
    On the plus side, when we got ours, it was 0%finance for 3 years pay off.
    Happy hunting!
  • I got 3 boys - 3, 2 and 7 months and no car. lol - I bus it everywhere! xx
  • We've got 4 between us, 15, 12, 10 and nearly 15 months. I've got a Rover 25 which I just use for my two, and we've got a Vauxhall Zafira - yes we can get all of them in but it's not easy! I don't think you could get 3 car seats in the back and if you put a car seat in the back and want to use the rear seats in the boot you have to unfasten it to be able to slide the middle row forward so you can get in the back! Useless, clearly designed by a man.....and the boot is rubbish when you've got all the seats up!
    Anyway, moan over, hope you find something suitable! We know someone with a Citroen C4 Picasso and they love it. Don't be scared to ask to put all your seats in whatever car you look at, we've made the mistake of not looking at things properly! xxx
  • Well as you know we have a fugly AKA Fiet Multpla. (fugly meaning f***ing ugly....self explanatry really) It is ugly but very practical. It is a 6 seater and has a plentlyful boot with out the need to remove/flattern seats. We manage to get a pushchair and a weekly shop in it. The seats are sepearate and can very easily be removed if needed. 3 seats in the back and 3 in the front all with full three point seatbelts. If you get the diseal it has a good mile too gallon ratio for fuel (not sure what it is tho). We are due our second child in a few weeks so will have 2 car seats in the back and when we have oh other 2 children we can seat all of us in the car at the same time with plenty of space. Oh youngest child form previous still needs a booster seat.

    It is the same width and height and a Vauxhall Zafira but not as long. The fugly is easier to use then the Zafira, having had one to compare.

    They are not the best looking car in the world but Top Gear did rate them the best and most practical family car of the year, the year the came out that is. They are not hugly expencive second hand, obviously depending on mileage, condition etc etc.

    I would highly recommend one to all with a large brood.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
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