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How rude of me!!

Ive just jumped over from baby and not even introduced myself!! I thought it was finally time to make the move from baby to toddler even if jayden will always be my little baby!! Anyways Jayden is now 13 months and such a little boy! How time has flown!! Be nice to get to know you all and your los x


  • Hello hun.... I have began to move over as Eoin was 1 on 30th oct.... still need to make a complete move though!!! So Hello too..... Im Zoe and My little Eoin is nearly 13 months xxxxxxx
  • welcome to toddlerville, move all breakable objects higher, lock all cupboards, invest in stairgates & keep pets safe from little grabby hands. image Oh & be prepared to never be able to go to the loo alone again. Sonny just loves to follow me to the toilet & handing me loo roll image
  • Haha that did make me chuckle Beebee!! I must admit my house is no longer holds any niceobjects esp glass! Stairgates are an absolute god send!! We had an accident a couple of months ago where as jayden fell down 8 stairs! That wasnt nice! luckily he was fine! Will definately have to invest in some locks for cupboards... can you recommend any? I have no idea where to look?! x
  • Ah.......... Sonny, what an adorable name!!! xx
  • I found it easier to just keep the kitchen out of bounds with a gate as we have a tiny litchen & have some of hubbies thai cooking bottles on an open shelf next to the cook, perfect level for him to destroy, in the front room all the cupboards have knobs so I tied elastic bands around them so he can't open the doors. Mother care sell some though I think.

    I did buy those corner cushions too but he spent an afternoon pulling them off one by one image so now we just cope when & if he bashes himself. I def think thy need to learn somethings so i've relaxed a lot more now.
    It is fun having a toddler but I know where the "eyes in the back of your head" sayign comes from now
  • Hi all,
    I joined this site a while ago but haven't visited for ages and now belong in toddler - Maxwell is 18mths next week!!!

    I got all the safety stuff from clippasafe, got a few bits at the babyshow then ordered the rest online.

    Look forward to talking to other mums with lil monsters and finding out I'm not the only one that finds toys in the washing machine image x
  • lol, yes the washing machine is another reason I keep the gate on the kitchen door, also he likes to reorganise hubbies thai cooking stuff, usually by putting things in the recycle bins. Just emptied the can one today to find white sugar & a bottle of fish sauce in there Hubby was going mad last night looking for both. image
  • heehee, I have to keep my eyes on the bin too, various items going in that shouldn't and things coming out! Maxwell's very good at reorganising, he seems to find that more entertaining that any of his toys - maybe I'll wrap up some tupperware for xmas!!
  • I recognise you from Baby. I've just started dipping my toes into this forum, though I've not completely left baby yet!
    Andrea & Lily (13 months)
  • Hi Welcome to Toddler

    I don't know why but I keep going to baby forum - when I have a toddler .I will try to remember and use the toddler forum from now on!!!!

    I have 2 children Eve is the youngest at 17 months now.She is in a terrible trashing stage to at the moment.I forget when this stage ends?
    But I hope its soon.I have put locks on all my kitchen cupboards because she just pulls everything out and dumps cereal all over the kitchen floor.
    She also has to follow me to the loo and posts loo paper down the loo for me - trying to be helpful I think.But difficult for me as I am sitting on the loo at the time!!!!
    Lets hope lots of us start using the forum now.

  • wonder why they do the loo thing? sonny also likes to store stuff down my top, in my cleavage. he was on my lap today eating cherios & shoved him dummy down there for safekeeping image
  • Hi

    I have just popped into toddler (it's never on my drop down list). Emilia is 13 months 14 soon. I post occaisionally in baby but also in pregnancy as currently 30 weeks with no. 2.

    Emilia is very hectic also in cupboards all the time and now has a new fascination with the toilet stuffing hubbys pants down there the other day.

    Lovely to hear what other peoples little mischiefs get up to.
  • Yes not sure why the fasination with the loo.She always looks down the bowl after its flushed and say "all gone".
    But how does it work out that hubby can sneak of to the loo yet I always have an audience.

    Now don't get started on standing on chairs!!!!!!!!!
    I don't know how many hundreds of times I have said "sit down on the chair please".!!!!!!!!!!
  • I am so rude as well and I haven't introduced myself either. Me name is Louise and I have a 14 month old daughter called Kara. I thought it was time to move to the Toddler forum as well as some of the threads of baby don't really apply anymore to me. I hope everyone is enjoying their toddlers. I would say I have a lot more madness to follow.
  • Hi all,Im Sarah and Benji is forever running round after him moving things or taking things off him!also my poor but patient doggy Charlie as gone into hiding as Ben likes to sit on him,pull his ears,and generally terrorise him lol!!!
    The loo thing is sooo true,everytime i need to go,Ben comes too!and tries to chuck anything he can get his hands on down the loo,but if that cant be done into the bath they go!oh the fun eh!
  • Hi I have posted in here b4 but not sure if ive introduced myself cos have very mushy baby brain still, lol!
    anyways my name is Heidi and im a proud mummy to 3 children Molly 11, Mya 8 and Freddie 18 months! from the sounds of it freddie is nowhere near as adventurous as your toddlers but still keeps us on our toes!
    His fave thing at the moment is picking his nose which his sisters first found hilarious so he does it loads now and says "ewwwwwww" after!!
  • Hi im just moving over too im Lin and i have Lexie 13months and due baby number 2 in march. i too always have Lexie following me to the toilet lol maybe it will help them with toilet training fingers crossed.look forward to getting to know you all image take care.
  • Hi all, good to see some people moving to toddler as it seems really quiet compared to baby forum! I think i've introduced myself before but like heidi have a very mushy brain so..I'm Nicole, mummy to Angelo (14 months) & also have baby number 2 due in march. I really can't believe I have a toddler that has even started having mini tantrums when we're shopping ..thought that didn't happen until around 2?? x
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