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Play Bark???

Hello! I was wondering if any of you have play bark in your garden? My mum has in her garden under a trampoline but its FULL of spiders!! I dont know if this always happens with play bark or just her garden? I would like to put some down in my garden but dont want to if its going to become home to heaps of spiders!!

Amy :\?


  • OMG we have play bark now im papping myself to look at it ha ha. There are no spiders yet I think but havent been looking but I would notice as im petrified of spiders x I hope its just her garden x
  • lol. My daughter sings incy wincy spider when shes playing at my mums! Im less humoured by the spiders!
  • I think its like it with all bark -we've got bark in our borders of the garden and it attracts all kinds of insects and spiders! I think cause the ground stays quite moist underneath

    try having a toddler who likes to pick up every single living organism known to man!! he's a boy who just loves bugs!! but it is toughening him mummy up tho - we both played with a spider the other day!!!! and I usually stamp on anything thats coming my why but I don't anymore as I don't think its good for lo's to see you killing things even if they are insects!
  • Play bark? We have it in our garden but havent noticed the spiders...although it seems that lucas just likes to eat the playbark instead!!!
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