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Cot bed/Junior bed bedding recommendations

I've just ordered my son a junior bed for his new bedroom and am looking for some recommendations for duvet covers please. From the information I've read I need to get a cotbed sized mattress and sheets, so was going to go for a cotbed sized duvet too. I've googled it but apart from amazon I haven't heard of any of the sites that come up, so don't know whether they're reputable. I don't mind whether it's character bedding or not, but would prefer something bright to pastels.

Thanks for your help


  • Ooo came on to ask same question! Thanks Lara! x
  • We picked up a few cotbed sized duvets from John Lewis, they had some lovely bits in, as do Mothercare. The cotbed mattress protector we got from Babies R Us.

    Hannah xx
  • I've been thinking about this as well!! Was wondering if anyone had tried the Grobag cotbed bedding?? seems expensive and I wonder whether it's worth it?

    also - is it ok do you think to try out the pillow duvet in the cot with the sides up still so she gets used to it? or do you think too dangerous in case she uses it to climb out??

    thanks image.s thanks for tip on the wool duvet!!

  • hi hope its ok if i join in on a tangent.
    my daughter is 18 months and she really likes a duvet so ive been thinking of getting her a junior duvet and pillow but not sure if she is too young for these - do you know what age they are safe from (she is also still in her cot with the sides up)?
  • I had this exact same problem before Christmas...

    I bought a lovely duvet cover set from this place:

    They were very good and delivered within a couple of days. They have a good selection of character and non-character bedding too which is good.

    HTH x
  • Thanks for the replies. I'm afraid I was unispired by the boys bedding selection on Kiddicare and in Mothercare - the girls' ones seem so much nicer. I'll have a look at that site thanks Swizzle, and will look at John Lewis too

    LyndaB I'm too tight to pay for Grobag bedding - but personally I'd rather get a proper duvet than those zip-on ones Grobag do as I figure he needs to get used to a proper duvet eventually so it might as well be now!

    TamzMum I'm sure duvets are meant to be ok from 12 months - my son already has one in his cot, but it is a cot sized one so could do with a slightly bigger one for his junior bed (although I'm thinking the cot-sized one will still some in as a spare in case of sick/accidents when the time comes!) - I got that bedding from Dunelm Mill but there isn't much choice and I think it's a bit babyish for his 'big boys' room - fortunately one of the 2 they had was blue with a line green strip and his nursery walls are lime green, so it goes ok.
  • just got cot bed from nursery store near my house. they have verity of cot beds from boys and girls too, i was hoping that its was quite expensive to buy these stuff but fortunalty we got in an affordable price. but before you goto any market i prefer you to take a tour of market see whats in and whats out, what are the prices, because there are some kind of stores which are just making money by selling cheap stuff.
    the store name Kiddistuff, they have all kinf of stuff, i dont actually remember but they have everything you need, but i prefer you to look first if you love it then buy it.

  • my sons 23 months + in a toddler bed, i use a cot duvet for him.. they're near enough the same size image, + the health visitor told me not to let Harley have a pillow but he's had one ages now... i dont think there is a right + wrong age personally, you know when your childs ready? also about the wool duvet, is that one like a cellular blanket? if so i have one of those too they're good xx

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