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How to deal with 2year old telling me to go away

I recently went back to work within the last couple of months and my daughter attends daycare when im at work.
She is happy to go to daycare and never kicks off about going and seems to enjoy it there but....
Is being a right bugger at the moment to say the least....
I have just had 5 days off and she has been so well behaved and we have had lots of fun together until -
I went back to work yesterday and as soon as i walked through the door i went to hug her and she told me to go away and just didnt want to know me all eve.
Im sure shes too young to be resenting me for going to work?
she tells me to go away alot and wants her dad all the time, as he looks after her in the evening if im at work.

i find it hard not getting angry at her as it hurts to hear that all the time- how should i deal with her?


  • She's not too young, as my eldest daughter didn't want to know me when I was pregnant with my 2nd and my little boy can be like that with his dad. My oh works away from home during the week and there have been weekends where Luke has just not wanted to know him at all. Other times he's so happy to have daddy home he doesn't want to know me!!!

    I usually ignore it mostly but sometimes I curl up in a ball on the floor, (bed, settee, whatever), and pretend to cry and get really upset. This usually works and he'll come over to me to see what's wrong and gives me a cuddle!

    The other thing to try is to talk to her at bedtime and in the morning, tell her what u are going to do, ie - mummy's got to go to work and do loads of booooorrrrrring stuff while you have looooooaaaads of fun then mummy is going to rush home as fast as she can to see her little girl. It might work, just by letting her know wot ur doing and that ur not enjoying urself without her and that u'll always b coming back to her.

    Good Luck
  • My daughter can be very similar that somedays i actually feel like she hates me.

    She is nearly 3 and very independant and has an opinion on everything probable too much like me and thats why we clash. When its just me her and her sister home she is ok, she is loving towards me, can still be naughty but very loving then as soon as her dad is here thats it she calls me a bitch tells me to go away and has even hit me. She wont let me do anything for her and when we are out screams when i come near her!! Her dad works away and has always been spoilt by him so i understand that she is daddys girl but she can just be really horrible. Its got to the point where i dont enjoy him coming home.

    I do understand that she is just a daddys girl and she does love me too.
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