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Which contraception?

Hi Ladies

I know this may seem very personal to some people, so apologies for that, but I am really confused! I am currently on the pill and my LO is 15 months. I wont be ttc for at least another year or two.
I only went on the pill because it was the quickest easiest fix after having my LO and have never looked into all the other forms (coil, implant etc.) I do remember to take it everyday, but only because I set a reminder in my phone, but I do find that my hormones are all over the place when I am on it. And the biggest thing for me, is I have no sex drive at all!
What is everyone else doing? I have so many friends who have been on the pill, and then come off only to struggle to fall pregnant, I really don't want this. A friend just had the coil fitted and she says that once it is removed, everything goes straight back to normal?
Basically, I am just after some pro's and con's of all the different forms of contraception.
Going to make an appointment with my doc this week, but want to go in with as much knowledge and as many questions as possible!

Thanks x


  • hi, i'm currently pregnant with baby no2, after ds i jsut used the mini pill as was bf and knew we wanted to ttc ater a yr anyway so no point getting the mor elong term options done, but then had a few issues with it and just used condoms for the last few montsh until started ttc. hjowever after this baby we want at least a 2-3yr gap before ttc no3 so will most likely trying the implant, i'm not keen on the coil, and my mw with ds did tell me that when u have ur implant removed ur fertility is said to return to normality fairly quickly, as once its out its out. i had the injection before ds and that caused me to gain LOADS of weight, but i do know otehr people who got on fine with it, but that does make me a little dubious about the implant as i'll want to be losing weight not gaining any. xx
  • I was also on the pill before I had Kara. I was on it for years and came off and got preganant straight away. I went back on it 6 weeks after having Kara. However in the past few months I was getting headaches and blurred vision so the Doctor took me off it and put me on the Combined Pill. That was a diaster and I hated it. I never had a period then spotting appeared for a few days at the a time with no signs. My mood changed, no sex drive, very emotional etc. I came off it 3 weeks ago and thank god I feel a lot better. I will not be going on that again. I did come off it anyway to ttc but waiting until I have a proper period first after coming off that dreaded combined pill. It was called Cerazette. I don't think though that I would ever go for the coil or the bar in your arm. I am a pansy.
  • hi
    i tried many many pills all diff types etc when i was younger and i found i couldnt get on with any of them - extra bleeding, mood swings, depression, no sex drive... just not me!!

    when i met my now hubby i said no way to pill i want to try coil - copper not mirena with hormones - dont wnat anything adding hormones to me at all lol and i have never looked back. on that occasion it hurt like hell to have it put in but i was young and hadnt experienced childbirth and internals etc

    it didnt hurt to have it removed when we were TTC and fertile straight away as we conceived first month! it does make my already periods a bit heavier and more crampy but to be fair i can live with it as i am myself with it.

    had a new one in 8 weekd after having DD and it didnt hurt at all - a little uncomfortable - mainly because thenurse insisted my hubby be there - oh the shame lol!! a little crampy inthe afternoon after and i wasnt allowed to pick up DD but next day fine.

    i would investigate it hun so worth it!! hubby currently pestering when i am having it taken out to TTC again - another bonus - things have to be well thought before getting carried away!!

    jane x
  • Thank you so much for your replies ladies!

    I think I will have to do some research! I think deep down I know that the pill just does not agree with me any more. When I was younger and before I had my LO, I never really noticed any difference on or off the pill, but since pregnancy and birth I think I am just way more aware of my body, hormones and emotions!

  • hi hun. i put a simiar post in baby. The pill sends my body haywire and OH dosnt want me to get a coil. I have opted for the implant. xx
  • I love love love the Mirena coil. I've had 3 now ... 1 before I had kids, 1 after I had my son & 1 again now after I had my daughter. It took me 7 months to conceive my son, but to be fair, my husband was working away a lot of the time so it took longer. But it only took me 2 cycles to conceive my daughter - so nice & quick.

    The only downside was having it put in. It was really very painful for me. However, I've spoken to friends who look at me like I'm mad when I say that, because they said it did not hurt in the least.
  • I was on the pill for 15years before I came off and had lo, then I really didn't want to go back to putting a drug in my body everyday and i'm also getting older (35now!!) so I chatted with gp and decided on copper coil and its the best thing i've done!!!

    it lasts for 5 years but can be taken out at anytime and you can ttc straight away. I've had no problems with it and i've been a lot less "hormonal" since comming off pill too!!

    Copper coil isn't suitable for everyone, they make your periods heavier but I had very light ones before. they are now heavier and last for about a day longer but thats still only 3-4 days for me
  • I know it's a bit of a passion killer, but it suits us using condoms atm. I don't have to remember to take anything, no hormones are involved, and I can just roll over and go to sleep afterwards, for once! ;\)

    Like you I don't want to have probs falling pregnant again when the time comes (took my body ages to sort itself out when I came off the pill to ttc dd1).
  • I came off the pill July 07 & it took till feb 08 before i began to ovulate & so after having dd we just used condoms and like ptb says rolling over & going to sleep is a bonus!

    After I've had this baby I might have the coil put in.
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