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Help! How do you give your toddler calpol?

Lily HATES the syringe, we have to lay her down on the floor to get any calpol in her and even then it's a battle. She kicks and pushes and clamps her mouth shut. We may get a little calpol in but she spits it back out! She won't even lay in our arms and take the stuff. We tried making it a game and that didn't work and she wacks the spoon away when we try it that way. I hate having to giver her calpol but when she has a temperature I know she needs the stuff. Any ideas how I can make it less of a battle?

Thanks. xx


  • oooh, mine have always loved calpol, so it's never been a problem - we just use a medicine spoon. It's almost a treat lol!

    Have you tried the ibuprofen? I think it's a diff flavour she might like that?

    The only time we had a problem with medicine was when ds was given antibiotics for scarlet fever - and he hated the taste! We ended up giving him it in a drink - half a fruit shoot to be precise - because we knew he loved it - I know others have tried mixing it in with a petit filou.

  • I put it in a little bit of milk or juice, works everytime xx
  • We haven't had a huge issue getting it into my DS but we never use the spoon, we let him suck it out of the packet, then i figure it's less medicine more sweeties! hehe Works so far!
  • if u get a empty yogot pot and pretend that u r giveing them yogot they open up works for me lol x
  • ok well im an expert as i couldnt get daisy to take it . if we forced the syringe she would vomit it all back up. so i started putting it in some fruit shoot its really sweet and they cant taste nurofen and orange fruit shoot i use. then few months ago a syringe fell on the floor and daisy had one of her usual tantrums cus she wanted to suck juice up it!!!! so i said you can have some special syringe juice and filled it with nurofen and gave it to her to hold just to see what she would do. she slowly syringed it into her mouth and thought it was brilliant she then said more!!! it was a revelation. the independant madam now takes it no problem as long a she can do it herself but hey the fruit shoot trick works a treat especially through the night as she just drinks it without realising.

    Shea was always great taking medicine - would even ask for more!! until a few months ago when he got croup and they had to give him steriod medicine in hospital and now he goes crazy at the sight of any medicine!!!

    So i'm very interested in this post and I do not want to force it down his throat as it just makes him even more wary.

    So I think next time i'm gonna try the fruit shoot idea

  • My lo wouldn't take calpol from a really young age but I bought Tesco's version - its cherry flavoured, put some on my finger/piece of fruit so he could taste it, and voila it worked a treat. Was just the taste of the calpol he didn't like. I've tasted the Tesco one and don't like it myself, but if he's happy with it then who cares?!
  • hi g/c from baby altho i will be joining u shortly....the yoghrut pot idea is great. but the real reason i'm rpelying is if her temp is the problem then switching to nurofen or the like won't help...the best thing for a temp is paracetamol, nurofen/ibuprofen is primarily for swelling and pain relief, but it is paracetamol that lowers a raised temperature more effectively. when i was a kid i loved calpol but didn't likie those horrible 'fruit' antibiotics bleugh, so i was always promised a chocloate milk drink or similar afterwards, but not sure ur lo is old enough yet to be bribed, plus not entirely sure its a good habit to get into, but the yoghurt opot is being stored in my brain if ds ever needs more convincing, we've recetly had to stop with the syringe as he wld scream and wriggle as soon as he saw it but he's fine with the spoon now


    sian and austin (11months) xx
  • Hi
    Thanks for all the replies- My mum used to bribe us to take faul tasting medicne but Lily is too young to be bribed (I tried and failed). Loving the fruit shoot idea!!!! I have tried Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and Boots own variety of calpol and it doesn't work, so am not sure it is in the taste. She had a temp tonight (teething) and I was on my own so craddled her in my arms and tried the went all over then she stood up and let me squirt a little in her mouth. She is def very wary of taking any medicine so hopefully the fruit shoot idea will work.

    THANK YOU - knew you'd all be able to help! Will let you know how we get on next time she needs calpol!
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