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Chicken Pox

We think Summer has Chicken Pox. On Wednesday morning i changed her nappy (first one of the day) and noticed she was absolutely covered in spots. I rang my mum who said it sounded like nappy rash so when i dropped her off to nursery i asked if they could apply cream everytime they change her, which they did. I was expecting call all day thinking that they would say it's chicken pox and go collect her.

Anyway, i picked her up at 5pm and noticed she had a spot on her face and three spots on her arm. I asked them nursery staff if they were concerned about these spots and they said no as it didn't look like Chicken Pox. I thought they would know better than anyone.

My mum just lives about three doors up from me so i went straight there and asked me to check the spots (not the nappy area). She said it looked like heat rash, flea bite, basically anything that was not chicken poxs.

When i got home Marcus was worried so tried to get her in to see Dr but was told by the receiptionist that a dr wouldn't see her for chicken pox and that the nurse would only see her if she was unwell with it. Cracking!!!! She then suggested i rang NHS Direct which i did. They are great aren't they?

I spoke to a nurse and after doing the Meningitis glass check etc she said that from the symptoms i had given her it sounded like chicken pox.

To be honest i'm not 100% convienced it is chicken pox. She has had a few more spots and the only way i can describe them is like white heads. She's not covered from head to toe which is what i was expecting. My mum looked at the nappy area today and she said they look like chicken pox. That is were it is the worse.

She's off nursery until Monday week. I just feel bad as she's at home with my sister while i'm at flaming work!!!!!!

Anyone else's lo's had chicken pox? Does it sound to you like it's chicken pox?


  • Hi Shell, mine have had chickenpox, Isaac was 7 1/2 months when he had it, it was very obvious that was what it was as the spots were definite blisters and some of them were huge, Alice however was not so obvious immediately but within a few days she was covered and even though not all the spots blistered most of them did. I would demand to see a doctor or nurse so you know for sure.
  • hi. my lo has just got over chicken pox. luckily for us a was a bit of a non avent. she had a few spot with blisters on them. on her tummy and her back and a couple on her face. she was a little grumpy/ clingy and a wee bit warmer than usual. we have a baby clinic which runs on a thur aft. i took her there where my hv confirmed it. after she had confirmed thats what it was i got some calamine lotion and some priton which i gave her before sleep. i hope this helps.

    oh and would demand to see a doc or a nurse. you should be able to as least get it confirmed properly. xx
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