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has anyone used

a website called boutiquetoyou ?

want to order something for grace, its quire cheap and free delivery.

anyone had any dealings with them?



  • I haven't but I'm going to in the next day or two. It was recommended by someone else on here who was really happy with them. X
  • Sorry to g/c but I have used them and found them really good. I bought a personalised Christmas sack for my L/O. I did have a long wait for the sack because it had to be personalised and because of the postal strikes. I placed the order on 5th September and received the sack on 29th September. (I did e-mail to chase up the delivery and they informed me the sack had been posted on 17th September but the postal strike had caused a longer delay. They offered to send another one as I had not received it but I was not in a rush so said I would wait.) I mentioned on the "Born in June 09" board that I had bought the sack, one of the other girls then bought one and was happy too!

  • ah thanks girls, they sound ok to use then.

  • if youa re ever unaure, just googel teh name and reviews and if there someone to avoid rthere will be plenty of negative reviews!
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