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My 14 month son has been getting yellow stuff in the corners of his eyes all days, he has a runny nose too but I'm worried it might be conjunctivitus. Does anyone know if it's contagious and if so, how does it spread? I have a 3 year old and we're supposed to be going out for the day with a friend tomorrow and her kids so I don't know if I should cancel and go docs instead? What would they give for this? Or do you think it's just a cold? 3yr old would be devestated if I cancel tomorrow!! lol


  • hiya my son used to get conjunctivitus all the time when younger, tbh it does sound like it so id make an appointment for the gp's. it is contagious but shouldn't stop you from going out for the day. it just means that your son can easily spread it from eye to eye. so make sure you keep giving his hands a wipe and that the other kids doesn't hold hands with him or share toys that he's had etc. have a good day out xx :\)
  • Hi mumof2

    It would be worth taking your lo to see your gp. If it is conjunctivitis your gp will give you antibiotic eyedrops which usually clear it up fairly quickly. Conjunctivitis can spread very easily through contact so you may have to put off your outing til another time but I think you should get your gp to confirm what it is 1st

  • Thanks guys. We still went on our day out but made sure the others stayed away from lo and took him to the gp this morning. They said it's a very mild case anyway but thanks for all your advice!
  • Hi mumof2

    Glad to hear you got sorted, hope your lo's eye is cleared up soon

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