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long haul flight with 17month old

just wondered if any mummies or daddies have any advice of things to take/not take, how to entertain kids or just useful info....other than dont do it!! ha.
cat, DS 16 months and 20+1 weeks pregnant xxx


  • we took evie to barbados in june it was an 8 hour flight and she was 17 months.
    on the way there it was a day flight so i just kept her up until we got on the plane and she then had a nap for about an hour, i took quavers, colouring stuff, we have mickey mouse clubhouse on our iphones so she watched those, i let her sit in the aisle and play with her toys, we bought extra leg room seats so i can recommend that as it gave us more space with her on our knees.

    the flight home was a nightflight, so i put evie into her pj's and settled her down as i would at home, she slept the whole 8 hours it was awesome!

    dont stress about it, your lo will be fine!

  • Totally agree with Mrs Waggy - lot's of toys, nibbles and i phone or personal dvd players with favourite shows on. We've done a 12hr flight at 10mths, 17 hours (over 3 flights) at 19 mths and 10 hrs at 32 mths and using the above every one of them has been a breeze!!
    Good luck and don't stress - it'll be fine!
  • thanks for advice......fingers crossed!! xxx
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