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Is it just me or... you sometimes wonder if your LO has actually eats anything at dinner time? I just spent like 10 mins picking/sweeping up rice from the floor and when it was all in the dust pan it looked like a full plate of food!!! Now I saw him putting food in his mouth but the question is will he be hungry tonight? lol!!!

Tell me I'm not the only one!!!


  • Lol!! My 3 girls are the same!! I'm sure all they do is smear food all over the table, plate, each other, themselves and then the rest ends up on the floor!! Including their drinks!! lol!! Its takes longer to clear up than it does for them to sit down and eat!! x
  • Don't forget all the bits they manage to shove into their various body cavities like ears, nose ect...
  • oh yeah, i found dried in yogurt in lucas' ear today!
  • I think we have a few years before they master it lol! I till have memories of my brother aged 5 picking rice off the carpet!
  • my faith get it every were . i wont to now does food that has not bin eat away end up in there nappy
  • You are not alone! Sometimes I'm sure I clear up more of her dinner off the floor than I put in her bowl in the first place! :lol:

    I don't stress about it anymore (I did with my first!) - as my mum says, they'll eat when they're hungry.....

  • It's the same in this house i think Imogen's done really well then find half of it stashed down the sides of her high chair the little monkey.

    Plus now she feeds herself when she's full she grabs handfuls of food, holds it over the side, grins at me then lets go grr.
  • lol bluevicki! My cheeky little monkey does that as well! :lol:

    End up practically hosing down the kitchen after each meal!

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