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Charlie will not drink cows milk!?

I was thinking of changing his night time bottle to cows milk - but he just won't drink it so he his still on formula, he only has 1 - 8oz bottle at night. The HV said if I put him on cows milk he'll have to have vitimin drops? He is 15 months and eats very well lots of fruit and veg so will he really need these or is she just quoting from text books rather than common sence?

& how do I get him to make the change? or should I just leave him with the formula if he's happy to drink only that? We don't really mind him having it - I just though it was about time he changed over! x


  • My lo wouldn't take cow's milk at first, but I gradually introduced it mixed with the formula (e.g. 1/4 cow's milk, 3/4 formula; 1/2 + 1/2 etc). She now seems to drink it no probs.

    I haven't been told anything about vitamin drops. I thought that once they were over one they were okay on cow's milk if they had a balanced diet. I would be interested to hear what others have been told.
  • i wasgoing to sugest mixing cow and formula as well this worked for us as hayden just spat out cow milk at first but over a week or so i mixed the two and he now takes it warm or cold. i havne t heard about the vit drops for bottle fed babies but i have for bf babes.
  • Same as other's really - mix half formula & cow's milk. for a while then decrease amount of formula.

    As for vitamin drops. Charlotte has some but only for when she isn't eating solids very well, nothing to do with her milk intake as she has dairy foods too.

    As long as he has a proper balanced diet (which I'm sure he has), there really isn't any need for them imo. I know bf mum's are advised to give them once lo 6 months but I thought that was cos they were only being weaned so not getting full nutrients from their solids yet.
  • I don't think he needs vitamin drops if he has a balanced diet.

    My lo took a couple of weeks ot get used to cows milk, he'd have a few sips then refuse the rest - I just kept offering it, and offering it again when he put it down - and now he loves it (just takes him a while to get used to new things!). My friend's little girl refuses cows milk and the HV recommended mixing it, gradually increasing the cows milk and reducing the formula - and we both watched in amazement as she drank a beaker of cows milk at playgroup the other day! HV also said she'd be fine on 1st stage formula til 18 months.
  • Thank you all! Will try this tonight! x
  • Oh I was wondering a way to get Ellie to take cows milk I will try mixing!
    She is on cow & gate plus 1 year milk but it's too expensive! xx
  • Canyou try just replacing one bottle at a time? Thats what I did with cole. Or the other thing I did was to give him chcolate milkshake lol. He drunk it then image
    Also - you could try goats milk - we've just put cole on a dairy free diet so eh's on goats milk and i was told its apparently the closest type of milk to breast milk in taste so it might taste more like the formula he's used to
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