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She keeps smacking me?!!! :cry:

Hi everyone,

Hope u are all well- i havnt been on here for a while i've been soooooooo busy now im back at work (really wish i had more time) but i hope u are all well and all ur LO's (although maybe not so little anymore lol!) are well.

Anyway, im getting a bit concerned about Shayla as she just seems to constantly hit me in the face. I think she picked this lovely little habit up from nursery but since she started she hasnt stopped- and its mainly only me she does it too which upsets me. I've tried telling her off seriously and she just laughs at me!! if i put her down and dont look at her after she does it she doesnt seem to care- sometimes hse might whine for a min or two but then she just plays as if nothing has happend and then she will smack me next time i pick her up.

Does anybody else have this prob?? Its quite hurtful that she keeps doing it and wont listen to me like she has no respect for me at all when i the one who looks after her most of the time! Does anybody have any advice on how to prevent this behaviour? Any replies would be much appreciated Thanks

Hannah xx

p.s- by the way congrats to Issac for aking his first steps !!!!!! (shayla did it too about a week ago and now she is trying to run before she can walk so bruises eveywhere lol!!) image


  • Hi han, good to hear form you, Isaac is a real monkey, he hits me everytime I say no to him, he was such a lovely happy contented baby, but now it seems he has found his temper, he pulls Alices hair and even tried to bite her the other day, all I do is say NO loudly to him and sit him down, I must admit it doesnt really stop him, but I'm hoping he gets the message soon before I go completely insane.

    Congrats to shayla on her first steps, its so exciting although like you say Isaac is also trying to run before he can walk so his knees are covered in bruises.
  • The joys of sending them to nursery im afraid.
    My son started when he was 3 years and 4 months old and with in days he went from being this sweet little angle who always done as he was told and was polite to everyone. day 3 of being at nursery he came home swearing, when he was 4 we moved and he went to a difrent nursery there was a bully in his class who basicaly beat up every other child in the class and the nursery said there hads were tied and there was nothing they could do, now because justin was seening this boy hitting and also being hit by him and nothing being done that he started hitting his sister at home and expecting to get away with it when ever i told him of i alwasy got but william is alowed to hit ppl i ended up taking him out of nursery as he was just getting so bad.
    This just seems to be one of the problems that comes with children being out of our sights there is little we can do to sencer what they see and are tought x
  • Awww thanks for ur replies... i suppose its just a case of perserverance until they get the message thats its wrong. I spoke to the girls at the nursery yesterday and they told me that Shayla has been hitting the younger babies and pulling their hair!!! I was so gobsmacked but they said that its totally normal and that she will learn these things from the older toddlers especially when she goes up to the next room which will be anytime soon seen as how shes walking now!!! Looks like there is worse to come then...

    Im glad that its not just mine and something im doing wrong. Im trying to set her down and turn my back on her after telling her no now as this is what they do at nursery otherwise she will get confused.

    Thanks again for ur replies anyway- its nice to have a chance to say hi again as have three days of hol this week- i've had some time to myself hurrah!!!

    Take care an speak 2 u soon

    Hannah xximage
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