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my 3yr old is driving me mad!!!

hi, my son is 3 will be 4 in november, he has always been a good little boy but these past few weeks he has been a nightmare he keeps getting things he shouldn't and is just getting mischievious.

i don't know what to do with him anymore i have tried explaining nicely to him not to do certain things but it has got to the point now where i am constantly shouting at him.
he smeared a whole tub of sudocrem over toys the window everything the other wk, and just the other day he had crept downstairs at night to get a fruit shoot out of the fridge but because he couldn't open it he took a bread knife up with him too!!

has anybody got any tips on what i should do, i'm dreading it when the baby comes only got six wks left and got an 8yr old and lo at 18months!

michelle x x


  • Hi michelle

    Have you ever tried the naughty step & a reward chart? I know my lo is only 22mths& they probably get cuter as they get bigger but it word for her in under a week. She had hit terrible 2s early & we were at the end of our tether with her.


  • hi, again just to continue my moaning, my 3yr old is getting worse! he is fully capable of going to the toilet on his own even at nights he is dry, but he has weed twice in his brothers room on the floor i tried the naught step but i don't think it bothered him.

    please help anybody xx
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