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Portable DVD player- worth it ?

I am planning a 3hr train trip and in September we have 2 5hr flights with a 21 month old.

So I'm tryingt o decide if it's worth investing in a portable dvd player. Have you got one ? If so what kind ? How much did you pay ?

Thanks. S x


  • yeah I'm like you I think its a great idea but I have a sister who has one I may borrow for our trip. We're going on a coach to a blessing probably 3 half hours then back the same day eek I must be mad

    try Tesco or Argos good place to start
  • Very very very very worth it!! We live oooop north but OH's family are in Bristol so lots of journeys up and down the M6/M5 for us, 3 hours a time with 2 los. We bought the same one Lara has back when DS was 2 (he's now 5) and it's fab. Definitely a sanity saver for us.
  • definitely worth it for long trips but we did a 3 hour flight in march and LO was fine, no need for anything other than a few colouring books, toys and snacks! x
  • Soooo worth it! Never hear a peep out of Darcy when it's on. Was an absolute lifesaver when we got stuck in standstill traffic for 5 hours :0 Ours is a Coby one we got from Halfords over Christmas. It was the cheapest one they did but is absolutely fine xx
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