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Nappy changing nightmare

Over the last few days changing charlottes bum has become a nightmare!! I used to be able to give her something to play with that she wouldn't be allowed usually like my phone and that would keep her still long enough to change her bum. Now that doesn't work & she fights & kicks & screams & rolls around. Not too bad if it's just wet but when it's poopy it gets very messy!

Any tips? Is this likely to be a phase she'll grow out of?


  • My ds also does this...oh got poo on his nose the other day via ds foot lol...he is a nightmare especially when under time pressure in the mornings to get out of the house. Next door must think I am doing goodness knows what with all the screaming. Got no answers sorry othet than something to play with although that doesn't always work, just wanted to let you know you're not alone ds is 15 months so hoping its a phase!!!
  • Glad it's not just mine! She got in such a mood yesterday night while on her change mat she kicked me on the jaw, it really hurt!! She's 18 months & always been a wriggler but this tantrum is new!!
  • hayden was like this and i gave up on nappies and started using pullups causse he didn't have to lay down for so long. it was just a phase and is allot better but i still use pullups during the day as i am now trying potty training. might be worth a try. he was about 18 when i first used them and he is now 2 weeks away from his 2nd birthday.
  • I've been using pull ups for 3 months already due to the wriggling, but this isn't just wriggling it's like she's furious with me.
  • Hiya,

    Our ds did this from about 11 months. Changing him very closely resembled something from a wrestling match and he had the knack of making it sound like we were torturing him! In the last couple of weeks he seems to have started to chill out about it - the other day he even led dh to the mat and laid down!!! We still have the odd bad change and he's worse when we're out because he seems to be scared of hand driers but we're getting there.

    Should be fine with it just in time to start potty training image

    Hope yours chills out soon x
  • Would love to say it's just a phase (hope it is for some!), but sadly DD has been like this since oh, about 9 months, and still is at 23 months! We have numerous incidents of flying poo on hands and feet etc with the accompanying screaming, yuk! Roll on potty poo poo's LOL!!
  • I'm so relieved it's not just us with this problem! Al has full on tantrums 9 times out of 10 when changing his nappy, to the point where sometimes it becomes a two person job (but obv can only do that when dh is around!) The only thing that can sometimes help is reading him a book of his choice when changing and even then by the time I've cleaned his bum it's a nigthmare to then get the nappy on - hmmmph! I'm with posy on this one, roll on the potty training!
  • ha i went througha stage like this wih my son, who stil has his moments but letting him stand up seems to help. xx
  • Hi my little girl is exactly the same, and she was two yesterrday, the last few weeks, I have put a teddy bear on her changing mat, and put a nappy on him, as she kept running off when due to change her, now she comes to look, and then voluntarily lays on her changing mat, sounds stupid but it is working for me.

  • Its prob a phase. My DD went through this at about 14months for couple of months and i thought it would never end but shes been fine now for a while and at 19months will now go and get her nappy, wipes and mat and then lay down for a nappy change. Its hard going tho - and no amount of distraction worked when she was in a mood!!! Good luck! PS My niece and godson also did this so i think it happens to every child .... little monkeys like to test our patience!
  • DS does this - he screams the house down and I have to literally use my leg to stop him rolling over !!! I feel awful restraining him but I don't know what else to do - he stops as soon as I let him crawl off. He is 1 next week ! x
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