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why wont he go 2 bed

Hi my 3 year old laddy is and has been in gr8 bedtime routine since he was born but since hes been in a bed he plays up every night he shares a room with 8 year old brother so disturbs him aswell any ideas?


  • a sticker chart?
  • we have tried that it seemed 2 work 4 a little while but he soon lost interest he needs a drink a wee his bum is sore all the things u cant really ignore its so frustrating
  • have you tried prasing his older brother for being 'so good' at bed time so he tries to get the attention other ways?maybe if he sees how happy you are with his brother he will want the same? maybe try not talking to him when deeling with what he says he needs ie just take him to the toilet and say as little as possible?
  • will try anything got 7 month old baby also love nothing more than being a mum but i do think we should b awarded medals for bravery.How many little treasures do u hav?
  • i have a daughter who will be 3 in a few weeks and a step daughter who is 7 and a baby due in august and worked with children uptill i had my first as well! but i have had trouble with my first sleeping since she was born but finally cracked it with the leave to scream lol!!!but we definatley deserve something lol
  • Me 2! worked in playgroup that my eldest son attended until was preg with my 3 year old havnt gone back since well i am sort of running my own at home though. Not long to go b4 u hav the baby u gettin excited or nervous bout coping
  • yeah im really worried about how i will cope with 2!!faith is starting pre school a few days after my due date so god knows how im going to get that motivated in the morning!!!how do you manage?im worried that she will feel left out?
  • To b really honest mornings r a toughie i get brekie out the night b4 all the clothes all the bags and 1st and 4most learn 2 brush ur teeth whilst having a wee lol. Im sure faith wont feel left out give her little jobs and make it her special job get out pics of her when she was a baby and tell her what she was like followed with what its going 2 b like when babs comes along. I stuck pics up on the fridge so he knew he was and is still my baby , MOST important lots of presies waiting there aint nothing like cupboard love lol x
  • god its so much eaiser dealing with other peoples kids and problems than my own lol you wouldnt belive i was in charge of 30 kids a night !!!lol
  • you will b fine i hav days when i shake my head at my husband and i say i cant cope ANYMORE and others when i count my blessings and think how lucky i am people actually pay thousands and r not guaranteed what i hav been given 4 free .Where did u used 2 work x
  • i worked in a pre school in the mornigs in the afternoon i worked for my mum who owns her own buissnes of after school clubs i also have done some special needs work!its so sad when people cant have their own children they are normally the people who really deserve them! i had a really bad day today my daughter had allergie tests it was horrible seeing her so up set i wanted to cry i have never seen he so upset!!its horrible seeing your most preciouse thing so upset!
  • Allrgy tests are awfull poor thing were they testing for anything specific!
  • they were just testing for the most common things as we dont know what t is she is allergic to we know tomatoes and now soya but still unsure as to what else!!but we had to pin her down i felt terrible :cry: she had nightmares last night!
  • How awfull dont u feel evil even though u know it is for the best they look at u like why r u doing this 2 me. My middle son had 2 hav an emergancy opp last year and i had 2 pin him down while they tried 2 put canula in we couldnt keep him still enough so i had to pin him down and hold the gas mask over his face ,he wasnt quite 2 and i was bout 24 weeks preg most awfull experience i came out of theatre a wreck!
  • its is horrible when faith was a baby 10 months old she was admitted into hospital and we had to pin her down so they could take blood tests she was not having any of it there was blood flying everywhere its so horrible i came out and sobbed its horrible enough to see your babies poorly without them being so distressed! god who said having kids is easy!!!! but its defonatley all worth it x
  • Do you plan on having anymore after this one or r you going to reserve judjment x
  • this is defo the last one my oh claims he is booking in for the chop whilst on maternity leave!!lol do you plan on anymore?this time im having a little boy people have said boys are easier?
  • Tell me who those people r either im doing it all wrong or they hav boys under age 2. My boys r lovely there is def something magic bout alittle boy but they drive u MENTAL!!!!!!!!!!! They never stop. It might b because ive got 3 and they all hype each other up i never seem 2 say anything much except calm down ,b quiet which 1 of u was it and thats not very kind u need to say sorry. We had decided that oh was gonna hav snip when ollie pants was born just cant make it so finalx
  • but i have noticed with boys they normally just hit each other then get over it !!! kayla and faith constantly bicker all the time andy also has an older son and when he comes round its hell he just winds them up , i would love another one but as its baby number 4 for andy and he really doesnt want anymore!
  • Ah the infamous bitching between girls, i hav seen that at close hand iv got 3 nieces and they do bicker a fair bit but her house is always really quiet if on the phone to each other u might hear the odd scream nothing in comparison to this place. I do agree with the older child winding up theory as soon as my eldest is bored he starts aggrivating the middle 1 although it does go the other way also.With 4 children i can sort of see his point but women hav ways of changing mens minds without them even realising it so dont giv it up as a lost cause, play the long game x
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