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terrible two's

hi, ive been having problems with my 2year old who has got really naughty lately. he keeps throwing tantrums in town and throwing himself on the floor, running away, refusing to get on his buggy board or hold my hand, screaming and throwing stuff. im at a loss what to do with him and am getting really stessed out and down about it. has anyone had a really uncontrollable (sp) toddler and have you got any advice?? thanks.x


  • Mine is going through a very similar thing. The one thing that really helped us is buying one of those back packs with the 'lead' attached to it. That way my lo thinks he's walking with some independance but really I have control. I must admit though the shock tactic of simply picking him up, going straight back to the car and going home does well too.
  • I'm not there yet, thank goodness! But the books always say it could be down to unwittingly giving them more attention when they're naughty so they do it more. Think the idea of back pack is a great one and will store it away myself for later image good luck
  • You are not alone as my ds1 is 2 in sep and has started the exact same behaviour it a nightmare, we just ignore him when he does it thankfully he hasnt done it in town yet just on the way home from school and at home so we just let him get on with it and step over him when he is doing it and most of the time this works, but does get mad and starts trying to hit us the little monkey.
    vikki xx
  • again, Shea is 2 in September and has recentley started this too!! its mostly at home with us, but I did leave him on the floor outside the nursery door this morning as he laid himself down, head on pavement and refused to go any further!!!
    I just said "well bye then, mummies going to nursery even if Shea isn;t".....he soon got up and moved!!

    At home its a bit of battle of wills between me and hubby as I believe ignoring them is the best way, but hubby gets quite frustrated and shouted at him the other day, its just made things ten times worse, he was crying hysterically!!

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