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Im not really sure which forum to post in but i was wanting some advice about my 13 month old. He started cutting his afternoon nap out so i moved the morning one later, he wakes about 6.30-7am and i put him down for his nap about 11.30am as he seems tired around this time and goes off really quickly. However he only has about an hour so come 5pm he starts getting grumpy cos he is tired. Do you think i should move his nap time to after lunch or try him with 2 naps again?


  • Luke is 12 and half months and sometimes I can get away with 1 nap especially if we have been out then he naps from about 11.30 or 12.00 for about an hour to 90 mins, if we are in like today then he went down at 11.00 probably for about 90 mins and then may want another nap about 4 ish depening on if his dad does not kick off when he visits.
  • I would try and stretch him out til after lunch to see if that makes him nap longer.
  • Peter dropped to one nap at about the same age and still generally has it about 11:00/11:30 and we have lunch as soon as he wakes up. He has reached the point, however, when some days he can manage for longer in which case I give him lunch at noon and put him down immediately after. He can have as little as 45 minutes or as much as 2 hours and I never know what to expect. If he only has a short nap I tend to make sure that bathtime is a bit shorter and he is bed promptly at 7 as dinner is ALWAYS at 6:00 and moving it would create far more ructions than him being a bit tired does. I have also been known to pop him back in his cot for half an hour at 4:30 or so if I don't think he has had enough sleep earlier. He usually just sings to himself, but he does seem generally more refreshed.

    If you can be flexible about lunch, I would try following his lead as much as possible, although it may take some time for a pattern to emerge.
  • Hi my LO is 12 months next week and we are down to 1 nap a day.
    He wakes about 7am, I give him his lunch at 12ish and he is usually asleep by 12.45pm. He then sleeps for about 2.5 hours.
    If he is very tired he might sleep for 20 mins about 9.30am and then his lunchtime nap is about 2 hours from 1pm.
    We decided to drop the morning nap as it would sometimes take him over an hour to fall asleep at lunchtime, if he had one. Now he is sleepy so falls asleep straight away.
  • We went down to one nap at 13 months, it was after lunch and DD was in bed by 12.30/1pm. I would try and stretch it out a bit if you can and he's not too tired. Sometimes we would have to give her lunch after the nap if she fell asleep before, but it didn't seem to affect her nap (2.5 hrs) too much so long as she had a mid morning snack : )
  • Thanks for your replies. He used to have lunch at 12 when he had 2 naps so think I might give him lunch and then put him down about 12.30ish. I just feel hes a bit all over the place at the mo so i will try to stretch him a bit longer and see how i get on
  • My ds ( 14 months) started to do this so I started putting him down earlier and then waking him after 30 mins. Initially this was 10.30ish and then he would go down for a long nap after lunch at 1pm ish. That was about 5-6 weeks ago and now he will go down for a nap 9.30-10am (needs to be woken or would sleep 1.5 hrs) and then down 1-3pm which seems to work really well. At nursery however he just has one nap and manages fine.
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