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HIya, i need some advise, my little man of 7 months has caught some sort of virus/stomach bug and has got guts from hell.
In the last 24hrs i have changed his nappy 15 times!!! each time its almost water, he is still interested in certain foods, only toast and rusks and is refusing anyhting with lumps in. He still seems happy and playful but my hv said to continue feeding him the norm food and just deal with the consequences at the other end, has anybody heard this before?
Anybody else got this virus?
I`ve tried to give him dioralyte but he wont drink it, am i just overreacting and just deal with the endless nappies???


  • there has been a bug going round everywhere. we've all had it but it took both my 3 yr old and my 8 month old almost a week to fully recover. ideally, they should b starved for 24hrs and only drink water but u try explaining that to a baby and a toddler!! i think thats why it took longer for them to recover but they get there. just watch him in case he starts to get overly lethargic or loses interest in stuff as he may b getting dehydrated but i'd say he shud bounce back soon enuff. if u are worried at all, call nhs direct.
  • the only thing i would worry about is getting fluids into him. he seems to want the right sort of foods and if he doesnt want them i wouldnt worry.
  • my lo has virus too, he has been being sick since wednesday and a bit from other end!! he hadn't eaten since wednesday either. ive been to docs who just said make sure he has fluids and watch for dehydration.

    he hasnt been sick since 7 this morning and had some toast at tea time so fingers crossed hes getting over it

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  • i would just give plain foods like toast, but dont worry if lo dont eat, just make sure they get lots of fluids.
    its awful when they r ill, seems to be the time of year for stuff going round, im hoping my lo dont get anything, he has a cough at the mo so anything else would be a bummer. xx
  • Hi

    There is a major bug called Rotavirus, read all about it in the December issue of Prima Magazine. I would recommend visiting a doctor, especially if your lo starts vomitting

    If you suspect it is Rotavirus and not a normal tummy bug, you need a 'poo sample' and get your hospital lab to check it. Takes 2 days to find out.

    Keep your child rested and hydrated, its the best you can do, and give paracetamol if your child can stomach it, as stated in the article by June Thoompson, a midwife.

    Good Luck with this.

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  • Thanks for all you`re replies, am feeling a bit better about it now.
    Only had 3 nappies overnight with no vomiting as yet today!!! he ate porridge and toast this morning and drained his morning bottle so things may be on the mend!!! xxxxxx:\)
  • my lo has been to emergency doc as he stopped eating and drinking completely. he hasn't got a virus he has tonsolitus (spelling??) and his throat is so swollen and sore he cant swallow. she has given us some antibiotics but gave him first lot last night and he throw the lot back up.

    this morning he has had 2 bottles of milk ( told to get any fluids down him i can) about 3am and 7am and so far no sick.

    i hope he gets better soon he is starting to look very thin
  • my lo is just getting over the tummy bug - was pretty nasty and both my partner and I got it.
    Sh eis still not 100% but after a week of poo and vom everywhere, 90% is better!
  • HI Girls,
    My LO (14months) has had this twice in the past 3 months...probably due to starting nursery! Anyway we had great difficulty getting fluids down her and resorted to using the medicine syringe to squirt 5mls of juice or water down her at a time!
    Anyway our doctor said to give her any food she would eat suggesting just to stick to bland/dry foods like biscuits, toast. She also said to stop dairy products. This is because many babies develop a temporary lactose intolerance after a tummy bug. We avoided dairy for 2/3 weeks and then reintroduced them. When she got her second bug we stopped dairy straight away for 7 days and the d & v stopped within 24 hours. We reintroduced dairy about 10 days ago and have had no probs so far.
    My husband got the bug and avoiding dairy helped him too.

    Hope this helps any of your LO's with the squirts!!! image

  • Hello,

    my little chap had this on Saturday night and then my husband and I both got it. He only started showing any interest in food today and is picking up the pace now, which is great.

    Having had it myself, I am not surprised he was off his food. I'm glad we gave him calpol too as we both had horrid stomach cramps and muscle pains too.

    Mine wouldn't eat anything hard at all, (he nibbled on the odd babybel but that's about it) and was sick rather than having too many bad nappies. We just kept putting water and orange juice in him but he started to pick up again after 48 hours so we were lucky on that front.

    Interesting what the doc said about lactose intolerance (above) as he was sick if he had milk but not so with any other liquid and we switched back to baby formula and that seems OK too.

    Good luck!!!
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