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Hi, my son was 2 at the end of June. He is in the 2nd stage forward facing car seat - only trouble is - he is constantly taking his arms out of the shoulder straps... Even when my hubby has pulled straps v tight he still manages to get out of them. I am constantly giving him a row for it and having to pull over to put straps back on - its really becoming a concern.

Anyone know what I can do about it? Should I change car seats?? I have a britax evolva at the moment.



  • I have heard of chest straps that pull the straps together so makes it harder for lo to get arms out. I have also heard though that this can make it harder to get lo out the car in a hurry (say if you have an accident).

    Do you have any toys to distract your lo? A lot of mums recommend the Tiny Love Wonder Wheel. If you keep his hands occupied with something else he may stop doing it??
  • Have you tried effectively ignoring him when he does it? It may be that he's learnt that it's a good way of getting your attention when normally you are concentrating on something else (driving!) I would maybe try the next time he does it stopping the car and telling him in a calm voice, that untill he puts his arms back in you won't be going any where. Then just sit and wait untill he decides to cooperate, if he can take his arms out I'm sure he can get them back in. If you are going somewhere he enjoys and it makes you late then calmly turn round and go home, and explain why. Hopefully it will only take a couple of repeats of this very boring performance before he twigs that taking his straps off isn't any fun.
    By the time she was 2 Millie had got a bit bored of the Tiny love wheel, but we did find that books and a drawing toy kept her occupied for quite a while in the car.
  • In Argos they sell a Tomy Aquadraw that comes in a bag so you can take it in the car/travelling.

    I've thought about getting one for my lo in the car as cheaper than the Tiny Love WW.

    Here's the link:>TOMY.htm

    Bedhead reminded me of it with her suggestions.
  • Thanks bedhead - I will give it a try - he has an in-car dvd player - but it doesn't keep him amused for any length of time.

    The turning round & going home might be worth a try too...

    I will let you know how we get on
  • Hi There

    I would strongly suggest the Houdini Stop, its a chest clip which stops them getting their arms out.

    Ive heard similar claims that it takes longer to get them out in an accident, but from what i hear the fireman would just cut all the straps off anyway and they dont bother with any buttons/fastenings in an accident

    its here:
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