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Thank God for Show Me Show Me

We all mourned the loss of Chris and Poi from Cbeebies but they're back. Hooray. Some of you will have read my other post and know that my lo has swine flu and is a poorly little boy but Show Me has saved my life. James will sit for the entire half hour singing and telling me all about what is going on. As for 'Show me Show me your groovy moves'... I must admit the fly in the ointment is that I only have 6 episodes on Sky + and I have now seen them all at least 10 times! Hay Ho. A new week will bring new episodes. Welcome back Chris and Poi. :lol:


  • I also love this show, Neve runs into the lounge when she hears the opening music and we always have to rewind 'Show me Show me your groovy moves' a few times so that she can have a longer dance with her teddies.
  • hm..must be missing something! we only tend to watch the fluffy club (cole loves tiny little fluff) - and boogie beebies (million episodes sky+'d- thank goodness for sky +.

    When's it on? Sounds like cole would like it - and its got to make a change from boogie beebies (if i hear the wheels turning song again i'm gonna hurt someone) and hi 5!!

    hope lo is feeling better soon

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  • Both my girls love show me show me! It's on demand as well so end up watching each episode quite a few times. They both love the groovy moves bit and Penelope. I don't mind watching it either so it's not too bad, and I always do impressions of whoever goes into the shop (my faves are 'Are all the children in their beds? It's past 8 o'clock!' and also 'oh my woolly word, I just GOTTA have it!') :lol: I really ought to get out more!

    Hope your little boy feels better soon.

  • Kia. It's on about 10 or 11 am on cbeebies. Lottie+Neve, I know what you mean about groovy moves. We have rewind each one at least half a dozen times. Because we've watched it so much whilst he's been ill he now happily gives a running comentary on the 'Clouds in the sky' bit as well.
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