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First bed???

Hi my lil man is nearly 18months is this to early to get him a toddler bed??


  • My daughter went in her own bed at 20 months and she was fine. She got up the first few nights when we first put her to bed. Now she doesn't even get out in the morning just chats to her teddies until we get her.

    It is a small bed and quite low to the ground so we didn't worry about her falling out

  • thanx for your reply milkiemoo, one of the main reasons i want to get him a bed is because twice he has got his leg stuck between the bars of his cot wen hes woken up in the morning and not made a noise until his legs got stuck, i had to put butter on his leg to slide it out.
    id rather he could get out and play with his toys than get his leg stuck again bless him.
    iv been waking up early every morning so that im awake before him to make sure he doesent get stuck.
    so a toddler bed sounds like a good ideaxx
  • Ive got a cotbed and my lo is 15mths im happy for it to stay as a cot for awhile yet but was wondering when best to swap it over?i suppose like you say,when it becomes a problem,ie getting limbs trapped then is the time to change!good luck with the move over
  • hi benjismummy,thanx for your reply,i think that id keep him in a cot for longer if i wasent having probs wiv him getting his leg stuck, but my lo is a really good sleeper so hopefully the change over will go well.
    fingers crossed xx
  • Hi, I started a topic on this awhile ago, and got some good replies. I did an update earlier in the week so if you scroll down the list you will see it. We moved our lo on saturday, she's two next week. she absolutely loves her new bed and keeps getting in it every chance she gets! we have still got the cot up in her room just in case but plan to move it this weekend.

    I think the general feel was that every little one seems to deal with things in different ways so there is no real "right time" as such for these steps. If you think your lo is ready, give it a go. You can always go back if it doesn't work.

    Good Luck

    Oh and one last thing, just make sure you have all stairs gated. We opted to put a gate on her bedroom so that if she did get up she wasn't going to get into any trouble or hurt herself walking round the house sleepy.
  • Hi sarahD1, we are going to buy a bed prob next week and give it a go and see what happens,i will keep the cot up for a bit to so that i can put him back in it if the bed doesent work out.
    I will put a stair gate on his room, but havent got any stairs to worry about as we are in a flat image
    fingers crossed it all goes well!
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