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1st Birthday party

I'd love some advise about what you did for your lo's 1st birthday...

Grace will be 1 on the 21st Oct and I have arranged for a few of her friends from nursery to come for a couple of hours. I am then staggering other friends and family through the day, so the house is not over loaded with people and Grace isn't getting to over whelmed.
I have sorted some party food (but ideas will be welcomed!) and now also unsure if to do party games?

What did you do? :\?


  • I went completely over the top (after swearing I wouldnt!) & it cost a fortune in food alone.

    I didnt really do party games though as the wee ones all were so busy playing with the toys & interacting with eachother. My daughter went t Jo Jingles though & we did put on the CD of all the songs which got them all smiling & doing some actions.

    We are actually having her 2nd birthday party on Sunday & this time I've booked an indoor adventure playground for her & all her friends. They provide the food in the price & all I have to bring is the cake which suits me as I'm 34 weeks pregnant!!

    I dont know if this is any use to you but I found this website great for party plates, banners, balloons, candles, party bags etc...

    Good luck & hope your little one has a good time

    Hilary x
  • Thanks for the advice xx

    Is it the done thing to always give a party bag? does anyone bother with a 1st birthday?
  • I'm not really sure but I gave out a wee one just to be on the safe side. It def wasnt too elaborate just a few sweeties & I think for her 1st birthday I put in wee box shakers (you know the wee musical instruments from the ELC) & a tiny teddy

    Hilary x
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