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Urgent advice required

Hi, if anyone's online and can help... My 4 year old fell in the marble bathroom and got a small cut above her eye on her eyebrow. It bled quite a lot but soon dried up and we applied cold compresses. The doctor said to just put an antiseptic cream and not to worry. She resumed to normal complaining ever so often about a pain, but refusing any pain medication. Shehas now gone to sleep, but her eyelid has swollen up... does anyone know what this means? Should I be worried?


  • Personally I wouldn't worry. When did she do it? Things like that do tend to swell up before they get better, she may have a black eye in the morning. If she will take it some junior ibruprofen will help take the swelling down.
    Kerry xx
  • It happened a few hours ago. Could it be a fracture? Any idea what the signs for that are?
  • Don't know to be honest. I would have thought that if it was a fracture she would be complaing more than a bit, but I'm not sure. Why don't you give NHS direct a ring? They've always been really helpful when I've rung them in the past.
  • Eyebrows do tend to swell up pretty 2 1/2 yr old banged his last week and it swelled up but settled after a day or 2. They're quite sensitive to knocks as prob protecting the eye itself. The best way to check for concussion is to look at whether her pupils change size with light. If they're big even when under a bright light, I'd get her checked out. Hope she's ok x
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