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Juvenile Arthritis

Hi ladies,

My 4 year old has just got home from 3 days in hospital & has been diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis. She has a swollen middle finger on her left hand.

Am just wondering if anyone else has any experience of this & as i'm shocked that she could have arthritis at such a young age.

Going to post this in a few other forum's too.

Thank you.

Claire & Olivia xxx


  • Oh poor thing. The only thing i can suggest is possibly going to a health store to see if there are any vitamins and stuff that could help - a guy I used to know developed arthritis at about 18 (bad fora guitar player really image ) and he used to take something vitamin-like but i can't remember what.

    Hope it can be kept under control for her
  • Bless her. I have rheumatoid arthritis that started when I was 33 and I find it hard to deal with sometimes. One thing I find really helpful is the ARC (Arthritis Research Campaign) website. They are really good for advice and forums etc. I also find my homeopath a god send at helping to control the pain I get. My advice would be to do as much research as possible cos there is support out there for your lo and for you.
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