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Sitting to close to TV

My 16 month loves to watch tv and I don't have an issue with it. The trouble is she sits or stands right infront of it & I worry about her eyes. The tv is on a stand but when she's standing at it she's only a foot away!!

I do move her back, I've even tried putting a cushion on the floor for her to sit on but she'll stay there all of 5 minutes & then she's back in her preferred spot and bopping away to whatever tune is on!

Just wondered if any of you have this issue & how you solve it?


  • I think this is pretty normal for kids, my son does it too. I believe that there is no risk of damage to their eyes any more as new tv's don't give off harmful rays like they used to

    I don't worry really, my sisters kids all did it until they got a bit older then couldn't be bothered to stand and ended up further away lounging on the couch
  • We've had this problem. For ages no matter where we put him he would sit for 2 mins then get up again.

    Ages ago my PIL bought lo this inflatable seat thing which he showed no interest in. (and to be honest I didn't really like so tucked it away in his room )
    But in the last couple of months he has really got into it, goes to collect "ma seat" from his room and drags it through.

    He will sit in it for far longer than anywhere else and usually accepts when I move it back from the tv. The one we've got is a Thomas one but I think you could get similar for a girl

    Ikea also do little armchair for kids that my friend has and her wee boy sits in it all the time. Maybe a chair for her would help ? HTH's. x
  • I think its par for the course too. Lo has always done it - standing so close to the TV that he gives the characters on the programmes kisses and smoothes the animals and things like that. I do encourage him to come and sit with me to watch his programmes, which he does (and we snuggle under his Thomas blanket to do that - I love it!) , but after a while, he inevitably gets back up and goes closer to the TV again.
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