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toy recommendations for 18mth old

I'm due baby no.2 in 3 weeks and would like to buy my ds who is 18mths a new toy to give him when I've had the baby.

He has a garage, cars etc and some little people toys, both of which dont really get played with anymore
He's really into books, but we have a bookcase full
I've just bought him a little tikes outdoor playcentre and sandpit

So is there anything that your lo loves that I haven't got?



  • At 18 months, my lo started to get really into new things so I probably bought more than he needed.

    He started to really like pretend play, so I bought a tea set, kettle, iron and toaster from ELC. And a trolley with pretend tins of food. He would play for ages pretending to iron the little basket of socks that I gave him, making cups of tea (stirring, pouring the milk and water, giving it to me to pretend drink, offering a biscuit - so sweet!), picking up things to 'buy' round the house to put in his trolley - a newspaper for daddy, book for mummy etc. I know that they sell this kind of thing in ToysRUs too - probably cheaper!

    A little bit after 18 months (more like 22 months, but your lo might be different), he started to get into Happlyland figures and toys from ELC. I think the best buy is the funfair set with a carousel, train, people, swing boat and ride. We have lots of this now and I really do recommend it.

    And then at 2 years, he enjoys his ELC keyboard and microphone (but you may prefer to give him a quiet toy if you are having a new baby!), wooden train set and pretend kitchen. I mention these as your lo may be more advanced than mine and may like these toys at 18 months, whereas my lo had them for his 2nd birthday and Christmas (which is 3 weeks before his borthday) and wouldn't really have appreciated them much before that.

    Wishing you all the best for the birth xx
  • Maybe some Duplo? It is from 18 months and should give them enjoyment for a good few years as they learn to build different things with it. My dd absolutely loves her Duplo and it can keep her quiet for ages!
  • at 18 months,Pepis absolutely favourite toy was Little tikes cosy coupe(she has the princess version).No other toy had ever been recevied with greater excitment or happiness...She adored it and the complete obsession with it lasted a good few months.She still plays with it today and it is said to go up to 5 years,but the first months of her having it were completely unforgettable...Other than that,she really liked Wow toys,u can get them on Amazon and I once read that they are probably the best toddler toys available and I must agree,they are really good,we have few with the helicopter,ambulance and the recycling truck being her favourite,the recycling truck really is a georgus and very well made toy.Or how about a trampoline?So many people love them,to be honest Pepi is not fussed(prefers the sofa or bed for jumping) but all her friends absolutely love it and u get a few yeras uot of it as well.
  • I was also going to say cozy coupe...... It's been fantastic, he loves being pushed, pushing it, paking it with toys, playing with the door, I know it'll be a loved toy for years as he's just growing more fond of it and even the 5 yr old that comes over ensures he has a go before home time lol!
    The other thing is a trike with a push handle for the adult (was fantastic for my back lol) it's a great summer toy and the handle bar detaches for when they're old enough to move about on their own.

    They're both great but the coupe is definitely the winner in our hse
  • there is also something called scuttlebug which is an alternative to a trike with a handle.Scuttlebug is smaller and powered by a child himself so can be used without any help and they love it.pEPI was a late walker so although having this since 12 months old,she only fell in love with this now.My friends all bought smart trikes last yaer and now after viviting us they all looking for/buying scuttlebugs,as they are so popular with kids who try them.U can also fold them to take to park,just throw it in a buggy,very simple.U can have a look at them on Amazon,recommended age is 1 -3 years.
  • Those scuttlebugs look like great fun Sooky! Never come across them before. My LO is 15 months and quite tall for his age so i'm wondering how much use he might get out of one?! Then again fairly reasonable price! buy or not to buy? :lol:
  • thankyou for your replies.

    He already has a trike, when I've taken him to playgyms that have the coupes he's not that interested. He needs help to get in it and out and he turns the steering wheel abit and then he's just not fussed!

    He has duplo too but he'll play with it for about 5mins then throws it around.

    In fact thinking about it, he has lots and lots of toys but hardly plays with them, I think he must have a short attention span!

    I will look into the wow toys, thankyou

  • Bellah-Pepi is 27 months and 90 cm tall and scuttlebug is perfect for her-I expect it to last the summer and the autumn-she is so fast on it it is unbelievable lol.My friends lo are all similar age give or take couple of months and also roughly the same heights,some bit taller,maybe up to 94 cm and they also expect the scuttlebugs to last for the summer.As I said they all paid something like ??70 for Smarttrikes plus last yaer but now when the kids are more independent yet cant still pedal for themselves and they saw how much fun they have on pepis scuttlebug they got them too despite allready having another trike and kids being all 2+. Maybe u could try it and return if u dont like it?Amazon has a very good returns service,I never had any
  • I've just googled scuttlebugs, they look like a great idea for raking away with you in packaging, I think we'll be getting one of those as I hate it when the cars too full for a ride on, thanks sooky
    I can't speak for other toddlers but I don't think my son could have managed this at 18mths though- we got a trike and it was something like ??18 so they don't need to be expensive, the difference was you couldn't steer from the handle bar but that didn't matter much really: if interested|category_root|Nursery|14417537.htm

    As I googled scuttlebugs I'll post that link too image
  • Thanks for that Sooky! Seems like he would get some good use out of it then. Isaac has a Thomas ride on and has just begun to use his feet to power himself along, and he started walking early so i'm sure he will grow into this nicely. I just picked one up on amazon for ??18!! Seems great value. x
  • What about a doll? My son is almost the same age and loves his baby and it may help him adjust to mummy having a new baby if he has one too. Elc have a little one for ??8 in both boy and girl, and sell little push chairs in blue too. I know there can still be some fuss over boys having dolls but they're great for imaginative play which in turn is great for their development.

    Alternatively, you could get a dvd or story cd to have on while you feed the baby.
  • I second Duplos, my boy has had it since about 16 months, looooves it, we are thinking of topping up with some more blocks. He has become very good with his fingers since having the duplos!
  • My lo is 18 months old too and I've been considering a trike for the summer. BUt thoise scuttlebugs look good and great price.

    But... anytime he is on ay ride on type thing (or in baby walker when little) he could only go backwards. Just can't get the hang of going forwards so I wonder if it might be a waste of money.

    Lo has a very short attention span and will only play for things a few mins at a time, except for books. He's quite info building blocks just now. But as always household stuff is much more fun than any toy I could ever give him. (hairbrush and hairdryer, my make up, pots and pans, entire contents of fridge out and then back in agian!) S x
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