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Grace had her first MMR jab today....did anyone have any reactions?
Not a good day for her as she headbutted the wall this morning (tripped over a toy) and has a lump the size of a large egg on her forehead!
She cried while she was having the injection and I reminded her the pain is not a bad as the bump she had only 1/2hr earlier.... she soon settled!


  • The poor wee pet, sounds like she has been very brave.

    Amy didnt really have a reaction to her MMR as such but she did come out in a bit of a rash 7 days after she had the injection. The rash was very much like a measles rash but appeared & disappeared in the space of a few hours. To be honest if it hadnt appeared around bedtime we might never have noticed it

    Hilary x
  • no reactions just a bit grumpy x
  • From what I remember as it was earlier in the year my eldest was grumpy and had a rash, is a little while before the youngest has his although had his four month three injections two weeks ago and is still grumpy I know I am doing the best for him but sometimes I do wonder....
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