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Name plaques?

I'm looking to get lo (15 months) a plaque with his name on for his bedroom door - I think the 'Baby's Room' sign that's currently there is a bit out of date! Can anyone recommend a nice one or somewhere to get one from? - preferably woodedn, but other than that I don't think I have any opinions yet.



  • have you tried ebay..? i got a lovely one for my daughter.. hand made .. personalised etc.. they have loads of character ones too if your lo has a firm favourite?
  • My cousin makes these! She did one for my son and it's really lovely... I can't remember the name of her company tho so I'll drop her a note and ask her image
  • Oh i'm also looking for something like this. At the minute we have a homemade "plaque" with Rhys's handprints and name on it we made at toddler group lol
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