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My 3yr old has a hydrocele.....

My son was diagnosed with a hydrocele about 12 months ago. A hydrocele is swelling of the scrotum, it swells because the tube in which his testicle decended has not closed so fluid from the abdomen drains into the scrotum.
When I first took my son to see a consultant about this, I was told that in most cases, the condition rights itself by the time the child is 3.
My son turned 3 in September '07 and his condition is still the same.

My son now has to have surgery to correct the hydrocele.

Do any parents out there have a child who has gone through this procedure??

Obviously this condition is not life threatening but I am panicking because none of my children have ever had any medical probs and I don't know what to expect.

Any advice appreciated.


Zoe x


  • hi my 2 eldest boys haven't had this procedure but they have had a few ops on their bits and bobs. some to bring testes down , to remove testes and repair, and when my 2 eldest boys are 13 they can have cosmetic surgery down there to put a prothesis teste put in to make them look normal down there.
    i was out of my mind with worry each op they had, i know it was routine to the docs but not to me as a mum.
    hope all goes ok for your little boy. good
  • Thanks for your reply. I'm even getting teary re-reading what i've posted and your reply.
    It's just comforting to know there are people out there that know how i'm feeling.
    Cheers xx
  • A friend of ours little boy had a similar thing only he had to be rushed to Great Ormond Street last month for emergency surgery as he developed complications. He's ok now, wouldn't even know he'd had surgery, bless him - he's only 3 months!! Hope it all goes well for him and you both.
  • Hi, I'm new to this, but felt I should reply to your post!

    Like your little one my son also had a Hydrocele. It was diagnosed in December 2006 when he was 10 months old. He had it from birth and initially we were really worried as we had no idea what it was and GP was reluctant to diagnose. In the end we were referred to the hospital and consultant diagnosed it straight away. Our son was operated on in Feb 2007 (6 days after his 1st birthday!). I won't pretend it was a good experience - my husband and I were both nervous wrecks. I held him while he was put to sleep and then had to go and wait on the ward while he was in theatre. Leaving him was horrible and I cried my eyes out. After about an hour and half of waiting in the parents room we were told he was in recovery (and to take a nappy as he was weeing on the bed - a good sign!!!). He was a little groggy but within an hour he was up and about and we took him home at 2pm. It was amazing. He had a small scar which has now disappeared and to date we have had no further problems!

    I'm sure your little one will be fine, but it doesn't stop you worrying. Hope it all goes well x
  • Hi I felt i should reply my eldest son didnt have hydrocele but he did have undescended testicles although when he was younger the dr just said it should right itself, by the time he was 9 it hadnt and he had to have an opertation to bring them down, it is never nice seeing your child go into theatre or be put to sleep but it is routine and you will get through it. I cried no end when my boy was put to sleep but he was fien. big hugs xx
  • Felt i should reply my thoughts are with you i hope the op goes well, i am sure your little guy will be fine xxx
  • My 13 month old son has just had his 2nd opertion in a month to correct this, he was fine after operation just drowsy and sore
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