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What a night!!!!

my lo went to bed as usual last night at 7pm. She wake up at 1030 screaming so i gave her some bottle and she settled in my arms. Everytime i went to put her back in her cot she would start screaming again. The same thing happend at 3:15 this morn. Normally she wakes up about 3 for a bottle then goes back to sleep no problem. She didnt have an afternoon nap yesterday. Do you think this had something to do with it. Could she be teething again. It only seems to be when i put her on her back that this would start. Anyone any ideas???


  • usually i find when my lo doesn't have an afternoon nap, he sleeps better/longer. how old is your lo, just interested. he would scream when i put him down again all the time but i would stroke his head til he was calm then leave, if he starts crying again i leave him for 20 minutes +, he ususally settles in 10 or so. have you tried sleep training?? it worked for us in 10 days, he has only woken twice in a month!! i love sleep!!
  • Hi, my lo is 14 months, she is normally a good sleeper, something just seemed to be wrong last night, it wasn't her usual cry. She was screaming and she sounded like she was in pain.
  • Is she okay today? could be teething then i think the back molars come in around 18 months/2yrs or maybe nappy rash. my lo use to hate being put down on her back with nappy rash.
    I don't really know honey i'd say do all the obvious and see how it goes tonight.

    Good luck.
  • She praps is teething, or coming down with a cold. Millie never sleeps as well at night if she has missed her nap, I think she gets over tired, so that probably didn't help either. If it happens again tonight I would maybe give her some Calpol incase something is hurting her. Hope you have a better night,
    Kerry xx
  • she might have had a nightmare. my LO sometimes wakes screaming in the night. we just give him a quick drink of water and put him back and let him cry a little. he usually setlles after 5 mins or so xx
  • had another night like the one before, i really dont know whats wrong, i;m sure it perhaps teething. She seems fine during the day though
  • Have you tried teething gel or calpol? If she has another bad night take her to drs just to check.
    Maybe she is just going through a phase. i think my dd is. last year she had a couple of nights where she would wake up at 4am for no apparant reason.
    For the last week I havent been able to get her to sleep before 11pm. She just cries and says just doesnt like bed and she wants to sit in front room and when I finally get her off shes up at 3am crying. The only way I can stop her crying is lay on the floor next to her bed!
    hope u get a better nights sleep tonight xx
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