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my toddler wont touch vegetables!

hi everyone i have a little boy he is 2 in october he has always eaten very well but in the last few months he wont eat mash he doesnt seem to like the texture this is where i used to mush up all the veggies. he wont touch them if i put them on the plate. only carrots. just wonderin if anyone has any clever idea cuz im all out of them lol x x image


  • how about makin pasta sauce with loads of veg and blending it, my 10yr old is oblivious to the fact that he is eating corgettes and peppers and carotts etc. xx
  • I used mashed potato, sweet potato, corgettes, carrots, peas, ect all together and then make fingers and leave them to cool in the fridge. Then roll them in egg and then bread crumbs. If you bake then in the oven they look like those fish fingers the kids seem to like. My kids do seem to eat these up with a little ketchup. Sometimes just giving them a dip can help. M daughter didn't like green beans so I gave her a little garlic and herb dip and she will eat nearly anything with it.
  • hi ladies. thanks for your help i will defo try the faces as i think he will like that and also your idea abeasley my son loves tomato sauce at the moment which i hate him eating as he would just eat the sauce and leave the food if i didnt sit with him i think the finger idea will work will give it a try! x thanks again
  • Hi, I sometimes give my toddler vegetable fingers (Tesco) as they are packed with veg and she finds them as tasty as fish fingers.
    Obviously not as good as home cooked food, but a handy alternative when short of time.

    The other trick I sometimes use is to say that ''Granny's guinea-pig likes eating cauliflower'' and to my amazement she seemed to think this was a good reason to try it! x
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