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long train journey

I might be a bit early on posting here but Jason's 13months now, not quite walking but like a whippit crawling everywhere!!!

now, i'm going down to see my grandparents (jason's great nan n grandad) a week on thurs n was wondering if anyone had any advice on keeping huim occupied for nearly 5 hours on the train! he usually has nap at around 10:30/11 so not too bad till dinner but after dinner hes used to beong really active, park, playing with me etc etc obv cant play chase me or hide n seek on a train!!!

any advice would be gratly appreciated!!!

thanks in advance


  • The small aquadraws are great which you can get from Wilkinsons, magazines with stickers in keeps my lo busy for a while. It's also amazing how talking and beeing excited about what's going by out of the window (counting cows, looking out for tractors...) keeps them going. Oh and never forget the bribes like his favorite finger foods. Good Luck.
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