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Help! is my child normal or just naughty!

This might sound like im over reacting, but my 1yr old is worrying me cause she seems so naughty, she keeps hitting me and other children and started biting me!.other children her age at toddler group dont seem to be like this , and im not sure im handling it right some ppl tell me to put her in a quite corner, when she does it but she doesnt seem to care, another says to hold her hands and come down to her level and say no, but she just thinks this is funny, Am i being a bad parent ! just want some advice as i want to nip it in the bud before it gets worse.


  • hi hun, my lo is 14m and went through a phase of hitting me with toys aswell as just his hands! i just took the toys away and when he hit me i would say no in a firm voice and turn/walk away and ignore him til he got the message. he is a bugger for snatching toys from other kids too, though i have to admit that if the other child isnt even slightly bothered i leave em to it, most kids go through these phases hun, u cld always keep her on ur lap for time out at playgroup everytime she hits out, she might realise that its getting her no fun. xx
  • My dd (16 months) did hitting for a bit, then she did clawing faces, then she did pinching, now she does kicking when we change her nappy and crawling to the very corner of the change mat. We just catch hold of her, say no, refuse eye contact and keep doing it until she stops. She's done a couple of weeks on each so far, although she still claws faces when she's really upset and if you get a finger too close she'll have it bitten off! So I don't think it's anything to worry about too much, just be consistent in your way of dealing with it - she also came home from nursery with a note to say one of the other children had bitten her - and a bigger one ran her over with a tricycle when she got in their way...
  • thanks for your replys , i thought you always had to give eye contact, so i suppose ill try not to do that - suppose thats giving them attention - its so embarrassing when she hurts other children at toddler group.all i feel like im saying all the time is No! It just worrys me that she thinks its funny all the time! even when i try to inforce some kinda punishment! just hope its a phase.
  • I saw the hv last week & asked her about disipline for small kids. My lo is only 6months but he has already discovered how to pinch. Although he is too young to know it is wrong & is doing it casue he has just discovered it as another ability I don't want it to become something he thinks is ok cuase I haven't taught him not to so the HV said to just say No very sternly & to put them on the floor and or, if they are older to walk away, she also mentioned for when they are older about getting to their level too but you have to make sure you aren't smiling or using a softly softly voice as it will send mixed messages. You don't need to shout but a firm telling off with a stern face should eventually get the message across. IMO at that age they don't need it explained to them as they wont really understand the whys & wherefores but they should be able to know the difference between happy mummy & stern mummy.
  • my lo has started biting, but thinks its a game, she thinks nothing of taking my finger - holding it to point at something (picture in a book etc), then gives a quick chomp! I had thought this was some sort of game, but its getting to be a really pain (literally!).
    She hasn't started to hit me yet, but does push my hand away at times, so it is onlt a matter of time!
    I guess it all a learning process for us both.
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