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wont eat homecooked food anymore!!!!

my darling little bugalugs (otherwise known as pain in the a*se ;\) ) won't eat any of the lovely food i cook him! :roll: i have treid so many things, he'll eat spag bol if i make it really tomatoey but otherwise it's jars, jars, jars all the way! he loves toast and cereal but just blows raspberrys at everything else! any suggestions? he's not feeding himself yet apart from toast, how can i encourage him to use spoon? hoping this might help! plase help any suggestions would be soo helpful! thanks girls!


  • ha,ha! just discovered if i clean out an empty baby food jar and put homecooked food inot it, he is fooled and will eat it all up! crafty eh?!
  • how old is your lo?
    Mine seems to eat a whole jar of bought food but not as much of the homemade stuff.
    Can't get him to do more than about 2 mouthfuls using a spoon (with guidance) but he'll use a fork for fruit!!
    Also when should they be able to go onto non mushed food? Alexander will only eat about 2 mouthfuls of something that requires chewing otherwise it all has to be mashed together (except red meat which is pureed still!) he does however only have 7 teeth
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