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hi guys was just wondering how you guys chose your nursery? is word of mouth best or did you just walk in and think this is the right place? do your babys like nursery and did it take them long to settle in, are small places ? sorry for all the questions would really like any advice from you guys and when your babies started nursery? am thinking of going back to work 3and half days would be in nursery prob 3 days mom having him on one and he will be around 9 months

Thankyou xxxx


  • I looked at the nurseries close to home and work and visited them all. We eventually decided to go with the nursery at the university as it was next door to my partners work and not too far for me either, also it was cheaper and we got a redution as my partner is staff. It also seemed the best, really geared up for education and had small groups for each age, so the kids get loads of attention form their key worker. My daughter (now 13months) has been going since 6months. We had a week settling in, where I went along for an hour or so with her each day, so she got use to everyone. The week we started properly went fine for her (a few tears), it was me that was the wreck! but the nursery are great and I can phone anytime for a report on how she is doing and they do a daily diary for her.
    Key things I would always look at is:
    1) how clean is the place
    2) do children get a seperate sleeping area, or at least have their own cot and blanket and are not disturbed by other kids
    3) have the chance of one to one if they are in a clingy mood and need lots of attention
    4) what food they serve and if they fit in with your regime. will they be patient with your child when feeding and also bottle feeding?
    5) are the children going to be plonked in front of a tv all day, or will they have play and educational time.
    6) what are the staff like with helping with alking practice or potty training?
    These seem obvious questions, but you will be surprised about some nurseries that won't do basic things!
    One nursey I visited didn't supply cots and didn't have an indoor sleeping area, so all children had to sleep in their prams in a lean to outside, which was bloody cold!

    Good luck xxx
  • Thanks so much for your reply really helpful i have only looked at one so far. Tried to go to 2 more but needed appt.... have another to view on wed the first one i saw seems really good has quiet areas 2 cots for babies to sleep i didnt notice TV will defo ask dont want him in front of tv all day, it only takes 21 children which i am quiet keen on.

    You have given me ideas of more questions to ask thanks and i know i need to view a few and not just go for first one.

    Its such a big decision i just dont want to get it wrong.

    Thankyou xxx
  • I wanted my son to go to a nursey but the one I wanted was booked up so I have sent him to a childminder instead which is something you could consider. There are pro's and con's to nurseries and childminders but I am glad he is with the childminder now, he sees the same children every day and there are only 6 of them so he gets lots of attention (there are 2 minders so its 1 adult per 3 kids) he goes 3 days a week and started when he was 11 months, I started taking him a few half days before I went back to work so I knew he had settled and he loved it from day one, this meant that on my first day back at work I wasn't worried about him. They still do activities like they would in a nursery, they go for walks to feed the ducks and he brings home paintings etc.

    When I was looking for childcare I spoke to friends and family who have children and they told me which nurseries were good and bad etc my childminder was recommended to me aswell, the ones that have long waiting lists are always good but not if you want one now! The one I wanted had a waiting list of about a year which is why I had to use a childminder and I still had a few months wait for that place.

    I would call in at a few nurseries, its sometimes good to call in without an appointment so you are seeing it as it really is, they might say they are too busy but if you avoid lunchtime they should be happy to let you have a look round. I think you will know when you are happy with a nursery
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