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Hard poo's - what food will help???

A little bit TMI but Luke suffers from a lot of hard poo's n sometimes has trouble 'going' although he is fairly regular. He eats a lot of veg n fruit in his breakfast n sometimes as a dessert, he has a good diet with eggs, pasta, chicken, fish etc but I'm at a loss as to how to help? Tried him wit weetabix but he realy doesn't like it. He has porridge or readybrek for breakfast...what foods can I give him to help soften his stools????


  • i alway give mine fresh orange jucie when they have trouble going which seems to work. how much fluid does he drink as i think if they don't drink enought that can cause hard poo's
  • I give Isla raisins when it happens but I also keep a small store-bought jar of babyfood strained prunes on hand - just in case! Come to think of it, I still have one that must be really old, time to trash it image
  • Fresh fruit and fresh orange juice does it for Lily.
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